Feb 19 – Illumination of our Healing Journey

Luckily we have an emotional backdrop this morning of MOON TRINE VENUS (exact early this morning).  This is harmonious and feminine in all the best ways.  This gentleness and supportive magical feminine energy is important for each of us as we shine a light into the deepest most wounded place inside of us (SUN conjunct CHIRON exact 10:08 am pst) to transform it into our greatest resource.  If we are aware this is happening, we can really utilize this light to see and transform, to receive the story of our healing and give it our all, so the power of this energetic opportunity is manifest in our experience, by manifesting more wholeness, a digging into our pain, to clean it out.  We will be clearer after this series of Chiron aspects we have coming, beginning with Today’s SUN conjunct CHIRON.

May you take the reins of your illuminated healing journey like a unified horse-rider, jumping gracefully over hurdles and ducking just in time before the trees would smack the face.  With this kind of attention, our healing journey today can be refreshing, enlivening and clarifying for any sticky places that were pulling us into shadow soup. Rather than shadow soup, we opt for healing soup.

Our Healing Soup, the one that has been cooking now for a week or so, receives sunlight today.  We’ve already begun to ingest the soup and it is working on us.  There will be a Mars and a Mercury activation coming in the next few days.  More on that in tomorrow’s post.

Late tonight at 11:18pm pst, there is a MOON opposite URANUS before MOON goes VOID OF COURSE to change signs.  Moon enters LIBRA (air) late tonight at 1:01 am, pst.  This will be a nice uplift from the self-examining balancer of our inner VIRGO (earth) Moon.

Blessings on your SUN/CHIRON Adventure today!