February 18, 2011 – HAPPY FULL MOON! Bridging to the NEW world!

at 12 :36am pst.
This FULL MOON is at 29 degres of LEO.  It is the 5th FULL MOON at 29 degrees, starting with the ARIES (mastery of self) full moon in OCT of 2010.  This is mastery of self in expression, in passion, and in community.  What do we do in our private rooms?  Do we dream or do we feel isolated?  Can we vision the new world community?  How do we commute?  How do we protect and steward water sources?  How do we produce local food economies?  How do we support each other to truly step off of the walls and storehouses of the old patriarchal empire-consciousness, and into the authenticity of being human?  These are the questions of tonights FULL MOON!

WE NEED A NEW American/Western, mass food, banking, government, medical political . . . just sustainable WORLD.  If this is not clear now, it will become clearer and clearer by the moment, for more and more people.  This Aquarian SUN, says: “Its time to gather into pods and eco-villages, weaving solutions.”  Each experiment will have a piece of our ‘whole’ puzzle.  Time to take the leap into experimenting with new world communities!  One of the messages of this LEO Full Moon, while it touches our personal passionate, life-purpose heart, as the MOON reflects the SUN’s LIGHT from Community-Minded AQUARIUS, across the night sky.  as far apart as these divine masculine and feminine parts ever become–tonight–they stare at each other from across the deep mysterious FULL MOON LIT sky, asking us to master our passions, harnessing them for the good of the whole world, in a way that serves our own joy and self-love.  Divine Masculine sleeps as Divine Feminine weaves secretly against the night sky.  She completes the old world and bridges to the new.