Feb 17, 2011 – SUN conjunct NEPTUNE – Radiant Soul Water

TODAY February 17, 2011, is a POWER day, in a series of POWERFUL days!!  This day we rise having received very large archetypal support in the middle of the night while we slept.  This support came in the archetypal realm of the river (SUN conjunct NEPTUNE) and the river banks of our personal history and our work: (Moon sextile Saturn).  As we dive into the river of today, we face a series of LUNAR OPPOSITIONS, that are as dramatic as the Full Moon coming.  We’ll be glad we were so well prepared in our dreamtime, for this day.

We have a day of initiation coming on Sunday, February 20th, after the series of POWER DAYS surrounding this cycle’s FULL MOON at 29 LEO, Thursday late night.

At 2:35 pm pst, MOON in LEO opposes MERCURY in AQUARIUS.  This is a challenge to balance personal affairs with community affairs through skillful communication.

At 7:30 pm, pst, MOON in LEO opposes MARS in AQUARIUS.  This opposition asks us to look at how we nurture the DIVINE MASCULINE in ourselves and others.  If we are being to harsh on the divine masculine, inside and/or outside, we will be aware of it now.  This is a time to nourish and feed our inner divine masculine and the divine m. of others.

At 11:08 pm pst, MOON in LEO opposes NEPTUNE at the very end of AQUARIUS, cleaning up the last bit of community water karma for this trip through the water-bearer, Neptune is about to leave the water bearer and head for the open seas, it’s home, Pisces.  Enjoy the last days of Aquarian spiritual waters, before we dive even deeper, even more fantastical, even more refined in beauty, in our Piscean collective spiritual dream coming.  Now is the vision time for Neptune in Pisces.  Soul Soup Liquid.

Our Big Healing Transformation Soup has begun cooking.  Goddess turned on the fire and we’re throwing ingredients in by the minute.  Today we need to be good cook’s in the kitchen we share with our higher self, our soul, our many incarnational selves and every inner child years 1-33.  We peel off our pain body with the aspects of the next few days, and add it to the soup, with some fresh rain water to cool the painbody before it meets with the heat of God’s Holy Healing Fire (when SUN conjuncts CHIRON, Saturday the 19th, at 10:08 am PST).

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