Feb. 15, 2011 – Solar Flares Hit Earth – Big Water coming

Today is a radical day where we will start the day feeling one way, and end the day feeling so different!  Moon in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra pre-dawn, working us through our personal Grand Cardinal Cross, still shifting us and rebirthing us in the same death-rebirth process we were in all through 2010.  We’re being worked through that death-birth canal even today.

We arise with the feeling of the Saturn Square and this could feel like we have work to do.  There could be physical pain, or any other form of constriction, which is part of our “working it through” process.  From this place of potential for limitation, fear, financial stress, relationship stress, and/or whatever else we are “working our way through,” this morning, we’ll traverse an energetic territory from this limitation, into the FREEDOM of the evening’s MOON at the very end of Cancer TRINE URANUS at the very end of Pisces at 11:05pm pst.  We have the opportunity to complete old emotional karma’s and move into a freer way of being with our emotions.  It is time to FREE OURSELVES from any limitations we’ve been holding on ourselves.  This day can be a radical transformation of moving from limitation to freedom, enjoy!!

We are in a cycle of healing that is larger than us.  We are entering the most potent part of this sacred NEPTUNE/CHIRON/FULL MOON portal beginning when the moon enters the sign of the full moon – LEO at 1:16 am pst, eartly WED morning.  The FULL MOON is THURSDAY LATE NIGHT around midnight (early Friday morning).  This full moon is the fifth in a series of FIVE FULL MOONS at the completion degree of 29 degrees. We were given opportunities to Master ourselves in the realms of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and now Leo, with this Full Moon Initiation.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is the axis in which we learn how to balance the passion and dissolution of self in friendships, children and love affairs, with the Aquarian need to serve community and take care of larger goals and visions, that Love Affairs and children distract us from.  How do we harness the power and joy and our creative self-expression to serve larger humanitarian goals?  Can we harness our personal sexual passion to serve higher collective energies?  Can we utilize our relationships to awaken, rather than to fall asleep?  Do we curl up and fall asleep on the couch together or do breathwork to break through inner barriers?  These and many other questions arise with this FULL MOON IN LEO, with SUN in Aquarius, conjuncting Neptune and Chiron on either side of the Full Moon.  Chiron has just entered Pisces and we dive into deep waters of healing that are beyond us and yet we are woven in the fabric of the world’s healing.  This full moon portal coming will reveal our weaving in that fabric of healing.

Solar Flares that were released on Feb. 13 and 14 are flooding into the earth’s magnetic field today.  It is a good time to receive this light in our bodies, and hold all the vulnerable places on the earth, in the light of our hearts.  There could be very large WAVES of WATER with this full moon portal.  Pass the word for anyone you know near the water, to prepare to possibly get wet.  Neptune with a Full Moon is coming!