Feb. 14, 2011 – VALENTINE Astrological Weather

In the middle of the night MERCURY trined SATURN.  Communication, communication, communication!!  This AIR TRINE is great for communications today.  Even if we move through difficult or emotional material, this communication aspect grounds us all.

We rise with  MOON in Cancer, in a T-Square with JUPITER in Aries and PLUTO in Capricorn.  There is a lot of power, soul and deep truth to manage today.  With the MOON opposite VENUS tonight, its good to pray for grace for all relationships, that this opposition can be about truth rather than polarization.  These tension points with venus ask us to “follow our heart,” even when it takes us into paradoxes and asks us to mediate between two opposite forces.  VENUS in CAPRICORN opposite MOON in CANCER at 7:42 pm pst.  The feminine can join with the feminine to heal all past polarizations between women.

The moon is WAXING toward a SUPER POWERFUL WATERY-FIERY FULL MOON at the Last Degree of LEO, with SUN conjunct NEPTUNE and CHIRON surrounding FULL MOON.  Full Moon is Late THursday night a little after midnight.