Feb 13, 2011 – Air Up!

Today is a continuation of yesterday’s fiery airy inspirational days of sunlight, joy and victory for all.  This fire and air is wonderful for Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Moon trined Mars this morning at 8:32am pst.  SUN trines MOON at 12:28 pm pst and the DIVINE MASCULINE and the DIVINE FEMININE are in LOVE, dancing and romancing us across their sky and our earth.

MOON’s Trine to NEPTUNE at 6:42 pm pst. . . . THIS SWEET EVENING can be treasured for its beauty, especially this early evening, it is poetic and romantic. The weekend is definitely more “sweet,” than MONDAY/Valentines Day itself. LUckily communications are good and grounded on Monday with a SATURN TRINE to MERCURY.  Otherwise, a MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO on Monday morning at 9:46am brings a dense emotional weight to be moved.  Whatever this is, it will be a little bit more emotional work than the light-hearted airy weekend we had Saturday and TODAY’s winged heart.  SO ENJOY TODAY’s SWEET ROMANCE.  As the SUN and the MOON really do LOVE EACH OTHER deeply, and we will feel that sweet love today.

Tomorrow we all dig deeply into our life and death souls and we’ll walk through another world initiation together as the personal opposes DEATH and the SOUL tomorrow morning.  To continue the depths, MOON opposes VENUS on Monday (Valentine’s) evening and there is the potential for polarization, perceived “unmet needs around love,” or the feeling of too many women in one man’s life.  This is not the ideal aspect for our traditional kind of Valentines Day.  Although, it is GREAT TENSION for DANCING, so if the tension is played out through dancing, it could still be a fabulous night for Valentine’s Day, in spite of the VENUS/MOON FULL OPPOSITION.

Although there is the potential for beauty this evening, we could also be in for a SHOCK of some kind, as MOON squares URANUS at 7:19pm, pst, then goes VOID of COURSE.  MOON moves into CANCER at 9:48pm pst.  There is a shift from the AIRY light hearted Gemini MOON, to a WATERY cancerian MOON.   It is good to be prepared for this shift in advance, as it could literally mean a lot of water coming, and the square to Uranus is best focused on letting go into humor, in one way or another, sacred humor always eases Uranian tension.

In the North San Francisco Bay Area, this shift from an AIRY energy to a WATERY energy will happen literally, as our two or three weeks of SUNSHINE in the middle of winter, with 70 degree temperatures, almost like summertime, come to an end.  We’re moving into 4 days of RAIN!  The Water Cancer Moon loves to nourish.  In the bay, the rain will nourish the earth and it will be time for us to turn inward toward mothering ourselves, our children and our inner masculine.

This Cancer Moon carries the compassion and humility we will need, as we go into two days of the MOON touching the T-SQUARE still holding corners in place from 2010. with PLUTO (Death and BreakThrough) in Capricorn (structures) still squaring SATURN in LIBRA (sign of  partnerships and relationships of all kinds).  With the MOON squaring these corners from CANCER, we are feeling the deep soul and world changes happening and it may hit us close to home.  We can see the GRAVE CHANGES also in the larger world in this T-Square.  Egypt’s Revolution is leveraging PLUTO POWER for the good of the whole and the next two days will see a lot of changes in that government.  We can all leverage this incoming PLUTO TENSION Mon Morn, to push the old structures into the light & to complete old threads, cleanse the old bad forms and stand firm in our knowing of a new world of social justice and ecological and human sustainability.

With the FULL MOON coming, we need to prepare for the possibility of A LOT OF WATER.  SUN will Conjunct NEPTUNE and CHIRON at FULL MOON. This aspect coming at FULL MOON can be A GIANT WATER HEALING OF THE WORLD AND US AS INDIVIDUALS.

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