April 19, 2011 – Words of Fire

Today is a continuation of yesterday’s fiery airy inspirational days of sunlight, joy and victory for all.  This fire and air is wonderful for Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Moon trined Mars this morning at 8:32am pst.  SUN trines MOON at 12:28 pm pst and the DIVINE MASCULINE and the DIVINE FEMININE are in LOVE, dancing and romancing us across their sky and our earth.

MOON’s Trine to NEPTUNE at 6:42 pm pst. . . . THIS SWEET EVENING can be treasured for its beauty, especially this early evening, it is poetic and romantic. The weekend is definitely more “sweet,” than MONDAY/Valentines Day itself. LUckily communications are good and grounded on Monday with a SATURN TRINE to MERCURY.  Otherwise, a MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO on Monday morning at 9:46am brings a dense emotional weight to be moved.  Whatever this is, it will be a little bit more emotional work than the light-hearted airy weekend we had Saturday and TODAY’s winged heart.  SO ENJOY TODAY’s SWEET ROMANCE.  As the SUN and the MOON really do LOVE EACH OTHER deeply, and we will feel that sweet love today.

Tomorrow we all dig deeply into our life and death souls and we’ll walk through another world initiation together as the personal opposes DEATH and the SOUL tomorrow morning.  To continue the depths, MOON opposes VENUS on Monday (Valentine’s) evening and thetrograding into the conjunction with MARS, backing up up into our deep history, lighting it on fire, if we wish, burning away all old patterns related to communications and masculine energy.  Our words and thought are super potent and creative today!!

This evening the MOON TRINES VENUS at 9:53 for some sweetness.   MOON moves into Sagittarius at 11:50 pm pdt, shifting us from Watery Scoprio to Fiery Vision-filled Sagittarius!  LOve has deep emotions that grow beautiful creations!


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