Feb 9, 2011 – Feminine Power

We arose this morning with the MOON having grounded from fiery personal ARIES, to earthly TAURUS.  We slow down, we relax, and we prepare for our power, coming in just a few hours.  Personal MOON trines VENUS in Capricorn at 4:32pm pst, then TRINES PLUTO in CAPRICORN at 4:40 pm pst.  VENUS CONJUNCTS PLUTO at 5:52 pm pst.  This is a deep drinking in of POWER for the FEMININE.  It is time for HER to GROUND IT, POWER IT, COMMUNICATE IT, FEEL IT, GET REAL WITH IT, and PUsh THROUGH the resistances we and others have to right action and change.

We are heading into 24 hours of tension aspects, beginning with MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 11:40pm pst.  Working for completions, responsible action and change is a good use of this tension coming as soon as LATE TONIGHT.  Healthy careful excersize is good and eating rootsy food is good.  Taking care of our bodies, our anger, our liver, and our birthing projects is all a good idea as MOON squares MARS and SUN squares MOON on Thursday night.

MOON squaring NEPTUNE on FRIday morning gives us a potentially foggy or confused morning.  So its good to prepare to handle THursday and Friday morning with a lot of care and consciousness so we can manifest these squares as awakeners and health-grounders, not anger-fuelers or dysfunctionizers, or depressors.  This coming energy is designed for good WORK, careful EXCERSIZE and healthy FOOD business.  It is about overcoming obstacles.  TOday we receive a download of POWER preparing us for the communications and action challenges of tomorrow and Friday.  Question for the next 36 hours, “What is right action Now?”

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