Feb 8 – Chiron transit – from Aquarius to Pisces

On Tuesday, we crossed the moon-to T-square trial, fire powered our new beginnings with personal juice, and watched a deep healing part of us change focus.  Chiron moved from Aquarius to Pisces at noon pst on Tuesday, February 8th.  I admit that no planet dances with me as deeply and alively as CHIRON.  Sometimes its so painful, or ecstatic, or real i just can’t miss it.

CHIRON is an initiatory temple-planet of deep healing.  Sometimes my experience becomes so potent, or painful, or so erotic that I have to go look at my cosmic map to see WHAT PLANET was involved in THAT experience? Chiron shows up in multiple layers and dimensions as one I rarely miss when it contacts me directly.  It is so deep, its touch goes down to the core . . . all the way until it gets to THE NEXT WOUND THAT HOLDS US BACK, DIGGING in there, like a first aid technician does with an infected wound, digging the crap out, so it can be filled with clean nourishing water of life.  This is Chiron’s roll in our lives and we may be going along on a sunny day and if the archetype of Chiron is around, look out—something penetratingly potent may arise in us, to work with.  If we are healers, we master this energy, it is our friend and we are in constant communication with it whether it touches us directly or not, we feel it through others.

For example, yesterday morning i was preparing to write this article on the shift of CHIRON from AQUARIUS to PISCES that took place TUESDAY, FEB 8, 2011, as I wake up early to write an article every morning, if I haven’t written it the night before. On this, yesterday morning, I opened to this Chiron shift to hear what it was.  Instead of writing, i ended up on a journey in consciousness throughout the day that revealed to me what i would be doing in this shift.  None of this happened in words, so i did my best to express it this morning, then i hit publish and THE WORDS ALL DISAPPEARED.  They were gone and i hadn’t saved them anywhere else.  I FELT SOMETHING, I would not have felt if the article had simply published.  I was faced with a blank page again, and another opportunity to write the article. These fine-tunings are party to Chiron. So this is the second time i am writing this article about this shift of CHIRON from AQUARIUS to PISCES.  This time, I have another layer of perspective, thanks to Chiron’s trickster quality, especially as it leaves the sign of Aquarius—an added trickster, waving goodbye.

CHiron is a “planetoid,” that lives between SATURN and URANUS.  It has an eliptical orbit so it spends an unusually unique pattern of years through our equal-sign, 30 degree, by 30 degree zodiac.  In my “conversations” with archetype of Chiron, i am in my deepest feeling places.  I touch deep love, deep pain, deep edges of erotic bliss, then crashes into painful separation, illness, pain, wounds arise in unlikely places, to bring our awareness to something, what are we being asked to heal?  All of these things are the realm of chiron.  HOw does LIFE heal ITSELF?  HANDS, FEET, FEELING, SEPARATING, UNIFYING . . .Chiron dances between the cold hard boundaries of our SATURNIAN (separation-based) third dimension, to the divine revelatory (SPIRIT/God{dess}-connected) URANIAN experience of being connected with all things and seeing the specific beauty in those connections.

RIGHT NOW, SATURN is busy changing the rules, MAKING and BREAKING. RELATIONSHIPS.  This is happening for real–as (“real”meaning third-dimensional) as it gets coming from Saturn.

On a collective consciousness level,  CHIRON “HEALING JOURNEYED” our Aquarian realm of thoughts, visions, beliefs, communications networks and computers for the last 6 years.  Now we submerse ourselves deeply and fully into the waters of the vessels, grails and visions we have created. Chiron now takes us deeper on our healing journey into the waters of PISCES.  Each of us has a personal journey of healing that can be tracked by following Chiron through our own personal zodiacal wheel, mirrored from the moment of birth in the sky.

Elementally, CHIRON, the HEALER just moved from AQUARIUS: FIXED(SATURNIAN)AIR, to PISCES: MUTABLE, EXPRESSIVE WATER.   preparing for the waters to rise both spiritually and physically, as we journey through the final waters of humanity’s initiation from separation consciousness, to a more open interconnectedness consciousness.  We’re in this journey for the next 8 years.  Wounds or healing crisis that arise over the next 8 years will be about this opening in us, filling ourselves with Piscean Divinity, Compassion, Beauty  and the Waters we choose–personally and collectively.

Anyone living near the ocean or where flooding is possible needs to be aware they may get wet and be prepared for this.

In my research of Chiron’s unusual eliptical orbit, i came across the writings and research of Astrologer Lynn Hayes, found here:


Thank you to Lynn for your research, find an excerpt of her research here:

Chiron and Pluto both have elliptical orbits from our perspective on earth, so their travel through the twelve signs of the zodiac is more erratic.  Here are the approximate number of years Chiron spends in each sign:
* Nine years in Aries
* Seven years in Taurus
* Four years in Gemini
* Three years in Cancer
* Two years in Leo
* Two years in Virgo
* Two years  in Libra
* Two years in Scorpio
* Three years in Sagittarius
* Four years in Capricorn
* Six years in Aquarius
* Eight years in Pisces

So Chiron spends more time in Pisces and in Aries than in any other sign.  Chiron tiptoed into Pisces in April of 2010 for just a few months before moving back into Aquarius to complete its Aquarian journey along with Neptune.  You can read more from Lynn about the transition from Aquarius to Pisces here:

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THE HEALER (Chiron) having just moved from Aquarius to Pisces, has also made a dramatic personal archetypal shift for each of us, uniquely, and that will be a shift from the ruler of one house, to the equal-house-based-ruler of a next house.  To see this profound shift personally in your life see which house Chiron is leaving and which house Chiron is entering for you personally.

Your personal zodiacal wheel begins with your FIRST HOUSE CUSP, (Your Ascendant) representing the eastern, sunrise point in your chart, and which “sign,” was rising at the moment of your birth.

NOTE: {If you have your chart you can skip this part.  If you need a chart, go to www.astro.com for free charts, or write to me azlanwhite@gmail.com and order one from me for $5, or receive it in a short 1/2 hr reading for $40} TO DRAW YOUR OWN CHART: 1.MAKE A CIRCLE, with your RISING SIGN in the FIRST HOUSE.  Starting at the left point of the horizontal cross, going down.  Divide this wheel into twelve spaces, equally located within the frame of a cross, three houses in each quadrant.  Write the numbers in these houses, numbered 1-12, going COUNTER-clockwise around the wheel. 4 is the (first house in the second quadrant).  7 is the (first house in the third quadrant), etc.  Now write the sign of your ascendant in the first house.  Write each consecutive sign in a house, in order, one after the other, until you’ve filled all 12 houses each with one sign.  (going from Pisces to Aries).

Now see what houses Aquarius and Pisces fall in for you (in an equal house system with one sign per house).  See what area of your personal life, that Chiron has just transited, from one area to another.  Your internal consciousness focus on healing has just shifted and you may receive an insight when you look at the shift of this focus in YOUR consciousness.  What happens inside will happen whether you look or not, but looking can provide wisdom.  Your shift took place from one of the following areas, to the next one:  1st house is the self, 2nd house is values, posessions and creations, 3rd house is communications, brothers and sisters.  4th house is mother, home and community.  5th house is children , inner & outer, play, theatre, and passion.  6th house is balancing and healing.  7th house is the beginning of our external relationship with other:partnership.  8th house is deeper partners, sexual, financial deep focused work, death and rebirth, transformation & shamanism.  9th house is higher mind, international travel, religion & teachers, 10th house is public expression, structures that support many people, banking and finance, 11th house is greater community, computers, friends, ways in which we all interconnect.  12th house is Pisces house, waters of life, ultimate union, SPirit, Preparation for Death, Fantasy, Soulful Creativity, Compassion for all of humanity.

See which house of yours Chiron has just trasited.  If you want to have a conversation about it with others, feel free to comment here, or on my facebook wall.

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Write to me: azlanwhite@gmail.com  if you would like to schedule a quick 1/2 hour reading to go over this shift or any other planetary transit you have happening.  These quick 1/2 hour readings are designed for people who either have some understanding of astrology or are willing to see it as a mystery and simply receive the archetypal guidance of the most powerful transits i see at this moment in time.  (one simple focus only).  These short readings, i am offering as a $40 special.  (normally readings are $70-$300)

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