Feb. 7, 2011 – Chop Wood Carry Water for Soul

MOON sextiles MERCURY at 1:52 am pst, for a late night communications whirl.  MOON in Aries SQUARES PLUTO in Capricorn, in the middle of the night 4:05 am pst.

By the morning and all day, we will be between this pre-dawn MOON SQUARE PLUTO and MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 1:20 am late night, pst.  This aspect is reminiscent of the GRAND CROSS of 2010 that pushed so much change last year.

In the middle of the night there was a lot of communication related to our deeper emotional hearts and souls.  As the Moon opposes Saturn it is time to put these insights received into practice.  This is a good day to chop wood and carry water for our souls.

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