Feb 6 – Grounding Mars Energy

Today we rise with the Moon in Pisces, heading for a conjunction with Uranus at the end of the zodiac.  We are completing a whole phase of consciousness evolution, which will spiral up to the next level this year.  Our Uranian (invisible) world is changing.  Expect to more easily “see” our invisible brothers and sisters from the star realms as Uranus prepares to leave the sign of Pisces soon, heading into a next evolutionary journey around the wheel of our life (the zodiac).

MARS in Aquarius TRINES SATURN in Libra at 9:16am pst.  Saturn is retrograde, so we may feel that we are needing to limit, ground or work at something with the masculine inside and/or outside, that we have already done before.   This grounding energy likes yoga, dance and other physical practices.  Also there may be literally men from our past who reappear today, and this lunar cycle.

VENUS SQUARE JUPITER at 11:39pm, pst.  This is an expansion of our creativity, joy and feminine.  We are stretched with loving feminine energy, so the healing journey of the inner masculine can be supported by a fabric of the loving feminine inside and outside.

Moon enters Aries at 2:45 pm pst.  This moon comes closest to earth today, so we may be feeling closer to our emotional process than usual.  By 8:50pm, pst, MOON conjuncts JUPITER, expanding emotional capacity.

MOON squares VENUS at 9:38pm pst.  The expansion of our MOON/VENUS connection, that is our inner feminine with itself, joins together to create a web of healing and love for what is coming up this cycle.  Women are asked by the stars to spend extra time with other women, to expand this healing feminine energy on earth.  The Great MOther is stirring tonight, a good night to be “listening.”

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