Feb. 5 2011 – The Magical Healing Work Begins

MERCURY sextiled JUPITER early this morning.  The aspect will be strong all day.  COMMUNICATIONS EXPANSION.  We are being asked to cross new thresholds in communication with each other and with our fellow creatures on earth.

SUN trines SATURN at 10:40pm.  This aspect is a stabilizing force for our inner child-father relationship.  We can heal, resolve and stand in the supportive power of Father Sun’s love for Earth Children–us in this SUN/SATURN LIGHT.

This lunar cycle we are in began with a NEW MOON conjunct MARS, and this will be a theme for the whole cycle.  In the tarot journey, THE TOWER, a shocking event, in which we are thrown from our assumptions, our perceived foundation, or even perhaps, “who we think we are,” or “what we think we do for a living,” or anything we’ve built up around us that has any kind of pretense, or unstable foundation, is up for this kind of revolution in this cycle.

MARS is the planet that is associated with THE TOWER in the journey of the tarot, through the 22 (steps/ mystical keys / arcana).  When the TOWER happens to us as an external force, it can be devastating and leave us literally with our heads spinning or our emotions in a deep puddle of tears.  These experiences are important steps along our journey, if we had built up anything in our minds that was not rooted in universal truth and the unfolding current cycles of energy and human growth.  If the vessel is corrupt, then once shattered, it allows the magic creative power of light in.

The next step, after the TOWER, is The STAR.  The Star is a place in our consciousness where we integrate so much light and higher perspective, that we are able to see with full resolution the “why” underneath every unhealed wound.  We’re able to see the web of patterning, the layers of conditioning, the trigger wounds on top and how they got there.  This insight and awareness, vision and clarity washes over us as we remove the veils connected to old trauma, old assumptions, old beliefs, old emotional baggage.

As high frequency light from increased SOLAR FLARES, pouring increased levels of magnetic and electromagnetic LIGHT pour into our energy bodies, the dense emotional material and dense belief-system matrix’s that are more dense than that light are shooting up to the surface to be cleared and purified, accepted, seen and released.

Different people are at different places on their journey of integrating changes in consciousness, increases in frequency and radical systems changes that we are about to walk into, more and more.  The deep levels of healing in this cycle are inescapable, and the energy of the Water Healing will be unique for each person.

May all our earthly soul’s ancestral lineage’s be healed in grace this month.  May the waters of our inner and outer oceans be healed and rebalanced.