FEB 2 – Sacred Holy Day – Imbolc

Imbolc marks the New Moon half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.   This AQUARIAN NEW MOON, coming this evening at 6:31pm pst is a wonderful time to proclaim and call out for the true desires of our heart, for freedom from suffering, elevation of mind, body and spirit, alignment with our higher-self and the interconnected divine family of humanity.  The past two weeks have brought up places of unmet needs, unfulfilled longings, and crashed any unrealistic expectations we may have had about anything.

High Ritual Time is at 6:30 pm pst

This is not just ANY new moon in AQUARIUS, this one happens to have MARS conjunct it–SUPERCHARGING IT with the POWER of ACTION.

Although this eclipse field that ends TODAY has been a whopper of a TOWER archetype for each of us in a unique way, this crumbling has freed us and broken us open, so we can be more available to what is next.

Ritual Suggestions:
Because of the Mars contact with this new moon, Anger Rituals are a good idea.
One Version:  put a pile of big pillows on the ground in a corner.  Find something like a plastic baseball bat that won’t be too destructive, put both hands on the bat and allow your arms to move in a pumping motion up and down, allowing the waves of anger to move as you pump.  It may take a few pumps and some intention to stimulate the memories of what is needing to be cleared, but if you focus for at least fifteen or so pumps, it will begin to flow.  You will feel silly at first, but this is a simple way to allow this stuffed anger inside our bodies and psyches to clear itself out.

Another way to move intense emotions: Drumming Circles can be great places to allow the movement of the earth to shake the body until it releases everything it needs to release.  Then we are cleared and there is fresh alive space for new life.

Deep New Moon Blessings.

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