February 1, 2011 – DEATH completing while NEW LIFE calls us on the telephone . . .

Today, we rise with the moon still in a phase of endings.  MOON  conjuncts MERCURY at 8:41 am, pst and our day is filled with communicaitons that may be squeezing out every last bit of old undigested, unprocessed history.  At the same time, NEW LIFE, may literally be calling on the phone, or whispering into our secret ears.

NEW MOON and the beginning of a NEW CYCLE OF LIFE  in AQUARIUS, is WEDNESDAY, FEB. 2 at 6:31 pm, pst. This new life, will likely be calling, to let us know it is coming, before then. Some people may have lost their phones and might not get the message, therefore, it is nice to enjoy the beautiful mysterious void, from which powerful things emerge sometimes when we least expect it!

ANYTHING that might be in the way of the NEW LIFE that is coming, is being swept away, as the undertow to this powerful NEW MOON begins to magnetically prepare for NEW LIFE.

This is a secret PORTAL before the DAWN (check out times!): MOON sextiles URANUS at 11:32 am, then goes VOID-of-COURSE, meaning ‘slippery,’ between the worlds, until MOON moves into AQUARIUS at 3:21 pm pst. This little portal is a magical moment of awakening for some, a ‘slippery slope,’ for others, depending on the focus of attention.  This time is good for spiritual practice, prayers, cleaning out the last bits of our emotional and psychological trigger/armor, so we can be more “empty” of lower vibrational contents, as the new seeds of the incoming higher frequency beginnnigs, poke up through the soil.

This day is so expansive, that ANY focus on spiritual practice of ANY kind, can lift us into area’s we’ve never reached before, closer to GOD/GODDESS.  As the personal MOON, freshly into AQUARIUS, sextiles JUPITER  at 7:12 pm pst, WILD FUN EXPANSION  whoohoo!  New Life is calling!  (even as we continue to compost the old, in the darkest waning last bits of the cycle).

VENUS sextiles NEPTUNE at 11:35 pm, pst, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE . . . .This is a beautiful love and compassion aspect.  The energy can be used for self-compassion, self-love, creativity, romancing God/Goddess (or a human).  It is poetic, dance-able, and easily kissable.  Enjoy!  Kiss yourself for me please !

I and the Sun, Jupiter and Mars, LOVE YOU!
Deep Night Sky Blessings,

Deep Blessings in a death and birth, cross-over time, when DEATH and BIRTH are overlapping in the ‘between-the-worlds’ chamber of the deep dark LOVING UNKNOWN.

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