January 31 – Dropping into Deep Silence

We arise today with the emotional MOON still in EARTH CAPRICORN heading toward a SQUARE with SATURN in RELATIONSHIP AIR sign Libra at 2:40pm.  Todays tension point comes quicker than it did yesterday. Although there is tension in the air today, related to relationships, work, life-path and direction, its really best to avoid thinking too much, avoid talking too much, and spend as much time in states of meditation and rest as possible.  This is a good time for any practices that allow us to experience the deep silence that is possible with energy like today.

We have a combination of capricorn earth and a lot of spiritual revolutionary Aquarian AIR right now as the moon wanes to its quietest place.  This is a time to DRINK of the DEEP UNKNOWN MYSTERY and the POWER of NOT-KNOWING what is ahead.  Its best, if possible to imagine clearing the slate of the future, instead of “having any idea what our future will look like,” allowing this quiet time to provide us with a peaceful blank slate, where we can consider the possibility, that what lies before us in the new creation, is beyond our imagination, unknown to us now, abiding in the mystery.

We crossed the deepest emotional point of our lunar cycle yesterday evening.  The worst is now behind us.  As we drop into the darkest lowest energy few days of this eclipse field cycle, it is an opportunity to allow the low energy, the earth–grounding energy to pull us down into deep rest or  meditation.  There may be feelings of insecurity or unrest, because of the “final pulling away energy” of the last few days of waning, cleansing, releasing, letting go of the old energy.

This is a sacred time of preparation.  A new year is being ushered in.  The deva’s and faeries are excited.  Arch-Angels are all around us, preparing us for the gift arising in us in the upswelling of NEW LIFE at NEW MOON on FEB 2nd, Wednesday at 6:31 pm pst.

Whatever we “dream,” and long for in this pre-new moon time, becomes the dirt that grows the seeds of the new lunar cycle beginning fully on the Chinese New Year, February 3rd, when the sun rises in a fresh lunar cycle.

As we sink down into the bottom of our life-lunar-journey this cycle, we can breathe out everything we’ve experienced for the last two months, December and January.  We can exhale 2010 and begin to inhale the fresh spring air of 2011’s Year of the Rabbit, floating sweetly in . . . gently, asking us to prepare for the gifts coming, by emptying ourselves of all discomforts that are arising right now.  The discomforts arising in the next few days are releasing themselves, clearing out of our space.  We can lovingly release these things, as we allow the release to take us into deeper and deeper states of rest.  Baths, naps, meditation, walking, being in nature and reading a favorite book are all ways to allow the depth to nourish us.

January 30 – Transition, Transformation, Completion

A Waning Moon sextiled Neptune and Squared Uranus in the middle of the night.  Moon sextile Neptune 1:46am pst, then square URANUS 2:10am, when the moon goes Void for our sleeping, departing the sign of Sagittarius.

We rise with a MOON freshly into Capricorn, our January EARTH sign.  There is still a good amount of fire and air in our field, but the MOON, our FEELINGS will ground deep into the earth.  The MOON SQUARES JUPITER in the morning for an expansion of heart, STRETCH.  MOON is heading for PLUTO all day.

Finally we commune with our PLUTO at 6:02pm, pst.  This is still a time to complete the old.  A great way to make transitions “complete,” meaning “to make whole,” as was relayed on Heather Salmon’s last episode of Feminine Mystique Radio, Wendy of “Spiral Up,” suggests this process of completing one phase of life and moving into another one.
1. We can look back a the past and ask ourselves about any disappointments or “perceived failures.
2. Spend time letting go and releasing anything you are holding against yourself for these perceived failures.
3. Are there any feelings of regret from the past year?
4. Wendy asks, “Are you ready to let go and release anything that you are holding against  yourself regarding those perceived regrets?”
5. Resentments or grievances–last phase–Are you willing to let go of anything you are holding onto, against others or yourself?  Can you forgive yourself and another?  If you still feel you can’t forgive yourself or another, you can ask Spirit to aid you.  See all of these releases floating away in a giant baloon, to the center of the sun to be burned up into the cosmos compost.
6. Regarding the difficult experiences, what did you learn?  What quality might have developed in you?
7. What are you pleased with or proud of? What happened that you want to expand or magnify in your life?  What was a magic moment you want more of?
8.  NAME the phase and quality of life you are leaving behind.
9. NAME the phase and quality of life you are moving INTO.

January’s name comes from the Roman God, “Janice,” who stands at the doors and gates looking in two directions.

January 29 – END OF THE ECLIPSE FIELD – completion of the old. unstable times.

I’ve just had a profound experience watching the sky light up, from dark, to light.  Its misty out and the sun hasn’t risen yet, but it is light, not dark anymore.  This transition of dark to light was profound for me to witness today.  i have never seen the transition so distinctly.

This morning we are rising with a MOON in Sagittarius sextiling SATURN.  New Life is so inspired to come in . . . but wait . . . there are things to complete first.  The new life is coming no matter what.  We have completion work to do in the end of this cycle.

This is the most unstable few days of the entire eclipse field, of the last two months, if you ask me.  Its the final pour out of destabilization of the old forms.  This is a highly highly unstable and volatile time, as we see with what is happening in the world.  All of this change is also happening inside of us.  Our old forms are being composted, as new forms emerge that will be more appropriate for our future unfolding.

These next few days are a time to honor DEATHS, Completions, thresholds and gateways, and to hold light and safety for all those human beings who are in transition at this time.  All of us are in transition at this time.  We all need each other’s prayers.  We all need each other’s light and love at this time, to get through the unstable, “darkest nights of the eclipse field.”

We are blessed in these most unstable of times, these completion times, with a MOON VENUS conjunction in FIRE at 7:18 pm pst.  I intend to meditate, sending my love for the Egyptian people, the people in Yemen, and in all countries with revolts going on right now, where people are in danger.

At times of high elemental FIRE and AIR, people can be rash and enthusiastic and either disregard or forget the physical world, so we need to hold extra love and protection for all animals at this time, as humans move through this fiery, airy, unstable time.  For those operating at a higher frequency, this is a high frequency love and creative energy.  This energy is FUN!!  Its just not so fun if you’re in a place where the frequency is a little lower vibration right now, like in the mythic and real story we see going on in Egypt.  Those people are not necessarily having fun, although they are standing up for truth and justice, which is a Sagittarian stand by.  I love the story about the policeman crying in the streets.  It was possibly the END of his career as a police officer.  We applaud and celebrate these kind of heart-based endings.  When people unite and stand together like they are in Egypt and Yemen, we will see what it looks like as the power of love emerges on behalf of people, through people, to face a power that is not of love.

So in the glow of the warm fire today and tonight, may we remember that these ARE THE MOST UNSTABLE DAYS OF THE ECLIPSE / KALI DEATH FIELD and the best way to be with this energy is to BE KALI.  BE DEATH, to all the things that need to be killed off, in preparation for the delicate new life that is coming.  We ARE the vehicles for these forces to express themselves in alignment with the WHOLE.  We are completing the old for the next few days, walking in great attention to everyone and every thing, knowing these are the most unstable times, in the next few days.  We are present, loving and caring of our loved ones and we keep them close to us, and know they may fall down and scrape their knee if they are not paying attention.  If one is paying attention one may be having awakenings in consciousness at this time, literally like a “judgement day,” kind of experience where perception is “radically enlightened” in a few days.  The best way to be with this unstable energy if we are in a peaceful setting, is to witness the depth of release in old consciousness that is happening through us.  (and to witness the miracle of new forms that are coming in to replace the old)

Deep Souls Transformative Blessings.

January 28 – Air and Fire

MOON in Sagittarius TRINED JUPITER in Aries, in the middle of the night.

MOON sextiles SUN in Aquarius at 2:35pm, pst, then MOON sextiles MARS at 5:34pm pst  This is a lot of fire and air.  This is passion, creativity, sexual-creative energy at its highest.  Enjoy the warmth and inspiration of today.

January 27, 2011 Let Go!

MOON sextiled MERCURY pre-dawn, for waking up feeling busy.  We’re heading for a MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE, this evening at 6:39 pm pst, so we may feel a spacey, watery desire to commune with something sweet in spite of our business.  This is a waning moon square with our outer water planet.   We are needing to let go of energies that we cannot see or identify.  Any energy that limits us from our expanded creation consciousness, can be released in the next few days, as the Chinese cycle of life comes to the very end and we empty out the Tiger Year fully.

The Tiger year has been intense and a struggle for many.  Whereas 2010 asked us to have courage and strength, The incoming Rabbit energy does not have the fierce need to bite onto life and make ourselves change. Rabbit enjoys the “field” in which we find ourselves, nourishing, grounding and healing with gentleness.   Our 2011 RABBIT guide asks us to be INNOCENT in our true heart’s desire, TRUST our intuition, and eat more GREENS than we ever would imagine eating.

END OF ECLIPSE FIELD: In these next few days, we are completing once and for all the two cycle eclipse field shifts we all underwent in December/January.  It is time to fully release, ground and find ourselves exactly where we are. From this place, we can create anything at the New Moon on February 2nd in the evening.

This evenings MOON NEPTUNE square, with the grateful inspiration and magic of a MOON TRINE URANUS at 7pm pst, sends us into a few hours of VOID MOON time.  This is time between the worlds, time for meditation, or dissolving into a bath.  Human’s can feel insecure and uncomfortable in the waning, let go period, so gentleness, kindness, compassion,  silence, nature and rest are good ideas.

If we do spiritual practice this evening, the outer planets may gift us with something magical.  The invisible world is alive tonight and our divine creativity inspires us with the stories of bubbling new life, that will emerge if we can fully let go of the old in these next few days.  SIMON SAYS, “Let Go,”  because what is coming needs the psychic space and its better than what was.  This next few days we are clearing our  slate in preparation for the new life to come.