January 30 – Transition, Transformation, Completion

A Waning Moon sextiled Neptune and Squared Uranus in the middle of the night.  Moon sextile Neptune 1:46am pst, then square URANUS 2:10am, when the moon goes Void for our sleeping, departing the sign of Sagittarius.

We rise with a MOON freshly into Capricorn, our January EARTH sign.  There is still a good amount of fire and air in our field, but the MOON, our FEELINGS will ground deep into the earth.  The MOON SQUARES JUPITER in the morning for an expansion of heart, STRETCH.  MOON is heading for PLUTO all day.

Finally we commune with our PLUTO at 6:02pm, pst.  This is still a time to complete the old.  A great way to make transitions “complete,” meaning “to make whole,” as was relayed on Heather Salmon’s last episode of Feminine Mystique Radio, Wendy of “Spiral Up,” suggests this process of completing one phase of life and moving into another one.
1. We can look back a the past and ask ourselves about any disappointments or “perceived failures.
2. Spend time letting go and releasing anything you are holding against yourself for these perceived failures.
3. Are there any feelings of regret from the past year?
4. Wendy asks, “Are you ready to let go and release anything that you are holding against  yourself regarding those perceived regrets?”
5. Resentments or grievances–last phase–Are you willing to let go of anything you are holding onto, against others or yourself?  Can you forgive yourself and another?  If you still feel you can’t forgive yourself or another, you can ask Spirit to aid you.  See all of these releases floating away in a giant baloon, to the center of the sun to be burned up into the cosmos compost.
6. Regarding the difficult experiences, what did you learn?  What quality might have developed in you?
7. What are you pleased with or proud of? What happened that you want to expand or magnify in your life?  What was a magic moment you want more of?
8.  NAME the phase and quality of life you are leaving behind.
9. NAME the phase and quality of life you are moving INTO.

January’s name comes from the Roman God, “Janice,” who stands at the doors and gates looking in two directions.