January 27, 2011 Let Go!

MOON sextiled MERCURY pre-dawn, for waking up feeling busy.  We’re heading for a MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE, this evening at 6:39 pm pst, so we may feel a spacey, watery desire to commune with something sweet in spite of our business.  This is a waning moon square with our outer water planet.   We are needing to let go of energies that we cannot see or identify.  Any energy that limits us from our expanded creation consciousness, can be released in the next few days, as the Chinese cycle of life comes to the very end and we empty out the Tiger Year fully.

The Tiger year has been intense and a struggle for many.  Whereas 2010 asked us to have courage and strength, The incoming Rabbit energy does not have the fierce need to bite onto life and make ourselves change. Rabbit enjoys the “field” in which we find ourselves, nourishing, grounding and healing with gentleness.   Our 2011 RABBIT guide asks us to be INNOCENT in our true heart’s desire, TRUST our intuition, and eat more GREENS than we ever would imagine eating.

END OF ECLIPSE FIELD: In these next few days, we are completing once and for all the two cycle eclipse field shifts we all underwent in December/January.  It is time to fully release, ground and find ourselves exactly where we are. From this place, we can create anything at the New Moon on February 2nd in the evening.

This evenings MOON NEPTUNE square, with the grateful inspiration and magic of a MOON TRINE URANUS at 7pm pst, sends us into a few hours of VOID MOON time.  This is time between the worlds, time for meditation, or dissolving into a bath.  Human’s can feel insecure and uncomfortable in the waning, let go period, so gentleness, kindness, compassion,  silence, nature and rest are good ideas.

If we do spiritual practice this evening, the outer planets may gift us with something magical.  The invisible world is alive tonight and our divine creativity inspires us with the stories of bubbling new life, that will emerge if we can fully let go of the old in these next few days.  SIMON SAYS, “Let Go,”  because what is coming needs the psychic space and its better than what was.  This next few days we are clearing our  slate in preparation for the new life to come.