Waning Half Moon in Scorpio – January 26, 2011

Today is the last quarter moon.  Just predawn, we move past the corner from the light side of the cycle, to the dark side of the lunar cycle. We’re also overcoming a MERCURY SQUARE SATURN from the middle of the night at 1;57am.  If you’re awake in the night pre-dawn on Wednesday, you may be feeling the crossroads of this MERCURY (mind) TRANSITION with SATURN (form).

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO just before dawn bringing us a deep and soulful feeling as we awaken today.  The tension aspects of the day give us some WORK!

MOON in SCORPIO SQUARES MARS in AQUARIUS at 8:48 am pst.  BEware feelings of frustration, trade them for right action in shifting toward our right future.

Today is a crossroads day, shifting into the last completion quarter of this eclipse lunar cycle,  and sometimes those days are powerful life-changing days, of allowing the next turning point to unfurl, releasing any resistance to what we ‘know” to be the right thing.