MOON, now in LIBRA, conjuncted Saturn last night, sextiled Venus, and went to bed.  This has been a sweet moon time, coming into a TRINE with NEPTUNE.  This trine takes us into VOID OF COURSE TERRITORY, that may feel slippery to get anything done inside of, plus we are getting closer to SATURN RETROGRADE at 10:10 pm. pst  MOON moves into SCORPIO at 6:15pm, adding to the deeper feelings of Saturn Retrograde and the end of a cycle of completion, death and change.

SATURN RETROGRADE at 10:10 pm. pst
“SATURN will crush you up against the glass of your own limiting beliefs, . . . .
and it has the power to push you through to the other side.”–a mentor said once.

Limitation is the boundary between my body and yours. Saturn is a principle of DEFINITION.  Definition is the first step to creation.  We define ourselves, we define our relationships, we define our work.  How do we do this?  Do we allow definition to arise like flowers popping out of the soil of our being?  . . . Or do we define out of fear, making sure we can hold on to the definitions help us to feel safe because they predict the future through roll definition?  Today we begin a journey of “redefining” relationships, work and general daily structure.  If things feel a bit structurally wonky–they are!  Spritual, eating and excercise routine re-visioning is also a part of this Saturn Retrograde adventure.

We’re also moving into a ‘lighter’ time in general and this SATURN in LIBRA, which is AIR, RETROGRADE will provide us with the interest in ‘lightening our physicality.’ As solar flares increase and cell phone microwave networks increase, we taking in more and more “radiation,” this is more and more “light.”  Our vehicles–bodies, cars, houses, need to be lighter than what we’ve needed in the past.

SATURN and COMPLETIONS: Have you ever noticed that when you complete something, it gives you energy, even life force?  A completion is like a drum-beat, that moves the pulse of new life, and new creations along.  Without healthy authentic completions, we cannot have new healthy life emerge and when we’re in alignment with this understanding, then completions are FUN and life-giving.  This is Saturn’s message today.

This year’s SPRING CLEANING is a SUPER SPRING CLEANING!  Cheers to the process of “lightening” our physical infrastructure, on ourselves, and on the earth, this SATURN RETROGRADE CYCLE, lasting through the spring and into May.

SATURN RETROGRADE IN RELATIONSHIPS, while it is completing the old Libra structures in us (social structures of relating), is building us new relationships and redefining the old ones, so they can hold new lighter energies.  Old relationships based on the old consciousness are dissolving.  The old consciousness does not uphold relationship anymore.  The old consciousness is ownership, control, domination and competition emerging out of ego-fear frequencies.  These are dissolving in all of us today, this retrograde cycle, and this year, 2011.  Saturn is in LIBRA, completing relationships that had these old energies, so some relationships are dying in the Saturn in Libra window, 2010-2011, in the ‘lightening’ and death of old relationships phase.  Those that die may or may not be reborn like phoenix’s in the mysterious cauldron of SATURN in SCORPIO, in 2012 and 2013.

This is a time to let go of all old dense, codependent energy, and lighten into following the true heart’s joy expressed through our own personal contact with the physical world, through whatever our own mythic truth is in this world.  We know what we are.  We are dancers and singers, hikers and bikers, surfers and ball players, yogini’s and permaculture priestesses, we “know” inside what we are and we’ve been holding some different forms of “pretense,” for some “perceived external appropriateness,” and now we can let go of everything else that is not our true authentic joy.  Saturn says, “do the things we most love to do in this physical existence.”  Or if you can’t do them now, prepare for them.  SATURN says, let go of everything that is not “what we really came here to be.”  Cheers, to completion and new life.