Preparing for RIGHT USE of Limitation

We arose this morning having slept through a MOON PLUTO Square.  MOON trined MARS before dawn and MOON SQUARES MERCURY at 5:19pm pst.  This is a personal communications tension aspect.  Its good to plan for this.

MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN at 8:35 pm pst, and we see what the foundation is underneath us, that we will be reworking in the next SATURN RETROGRADE season, beginning tomorrow, with the exact RETROGRADE shift point at 10:10pm pst.

MOON SEXTILES VENUS this evening for a calm before the Saturn retrograde.  ENjoy the creative sweetness and light-heartedness of this evening!

As we contemplate SATURN RETROGRADE, we see everything before us is our creation, gifted by the elemental energies that uphold our lives.  We’ve made choices to bring ourselves to where we are now.  We must now take our next step, in deconstructing, creating or recreating our lives, as we prepare for a time of working constructively with limitation.  We will learn to use limits in this time, for our own benefit, if we choose to.  SATURN is RETROGRADE until JUNE 12, 2011.

To be humble
So that God does not
Have to appear to be so stingy.

O Pray to be honest,
And pure,

So the Beloved is never miscast
As a cruel great miser.

I know you have a hundred complex cases
Against God in court,

But never mind, wayfarer
Lets just get out of this mess

And pray to be loving and humble
So that the Friend will be forced to reveal



* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If we’ve allowed ourselves to get away from some of the healthy practices that uphold our bones, muscles, digestive tract, and general third dimensional bodily and life functioning, then this Saturn Retrograde season, beginning tomorrow, is a time to re-evaluate all of these areas, perfecting and refining and picking up our practices where we’ve set them down.  This re-strengthening of our foundations is a great time to enjoy the truth in the Tao.