Venus Sextile Saturn

Today, VENUS sextiles SATURN at 11:20am pst, so we arise as if we have serious work to do.  This work can be of love, of creativity, or of an important personal transition.  Limitation is our friend today.  We utilize Saturn energy in conjunction with Venus to create “Boundaries for Beauty.”  There is a season and a time for everything and tomorrow is a transition time, in love, money and/or personal expression.  We are supported to make an important inner shift, it may also be an important shift in the realm of all of our heart’s journey’s.  This shift is a maturing shift.

MOON is still in Virgo, of cleaning and organizing, tending the physical net of light we tend.  . . . . this moon is between signs from Virgo to Libra.  Between noon and 4 pm there is some interesting alchemy about SELF and PARTNER, or OTHER.  This could be an internal revelation and it could be a revelation we have with each other externally, but it does appear it could be a revelatory day.

MOON in Virgo OPPOSES URANUS in Pisces at 12:08 pm pst sending the moon VOID OF COURSE, until it moves into Libra at 3:59 pm pst, then MOON OPPOSES Uranus from early Libra to early Aries, where Jupiter has only been for one day.  Fresh innocent, new blank slate of a spiritual journey has just begun and tomorrow, it is a larger shoe than we may feel ready to wear.

Even though it can be scary to tell the truth, tell the truth we must, bare our hearts and souls if they are ever to be heard, touched, fulfilled.  As we speak our truth in the latter part of today, we are gifted in the evening with a SUN MOON TRINE . . . a celebration of masculine / feminine LOVE and FRIENDSHIP . . . the joy of working together to transform ourselves and the world.

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