January 22 – Roots Deep and a Leap into Inspiration

MOON is in VIRGO today. all day.  We are in service to our bodies and the body of the earth.  As we slept, MOON trined PLUTO, so if we rise with the grave feeling that some deep thing happened in our sleep, it did.

JUPITER makes the LEAP into ARIES today at 9:11am–the FORCE OF NEW LIFE, on our Wheel.  We are called out of our closets, stamen burst forth out of our flowers . . . we are ALIVE!!!  WE EXPAND ALL YEAR as JUPITER shouts from the BEGINNING of the WHEEL of LIFE, EVOLVE!!!   Begin a NEW LIFE that has you living from the next level of knowing that you have been gifted with in Jupiter’s last 12 year tour around the wheel.  Jupiter begins the WHEEL OF LIFE, anew.

Uranus will join Jupiter in ARIES on March 11, 2011.  Get Ready!