January 21 – Slippery when Wet – until 3pm

This is a slippery and wet day.  The MOON in late LEO opposes NEPTUNE at the end of AQUARIUS and then goes void of course in the morning at 10:58 pst, in its transition, headed for VIRGO.  The MOON opposite NEPTUNE is a good time to be in water, its a good time to accept discomfort, in-ideal circumstances, unclarity, vagueness, the unknown, and our “maybe” mentality.  This is a good day to let go of any need to identify ANYTHING, and float like the moon, between the world of Leo and the world of Virgo.  Between our wild creative self that creates and our super grounded self that cleans up after us, there is a pause between them today.  Its a good day to say TIME OUT! And if you feel spacey, sleepy, or like you must be by a lake or in the tub, or in meditation, i would go with it.  The Moon opposite Neptune is the only aspect of the day.

AT 3 PM, MOON moves into VIRGO, after which point we may be able to feel the earth under our feet again, as the moon will have moved out of the opposition with Neptune by the end of the day.

SOON, Jupiter transitions from Pisces to Aries on SATURDAY MORNING, which will AMP UP the FIRE.  So enjoy tomorrow’s watery day, given by contact with Planet Neptune.