January 20, 2011

While we dreamt last night, the SUN moved from the Capricorn part of the wheel of life, INTO the AQUARIUS archetypal part of our wheel.  We’re shifting from a work focus, to a more humanitarian and light-hearted focus, for the next month.

Today is a sweet day of a creative MOON in LEO TRINE VENUS in Sagittarius at 1:17pm pst. This is fiery, passionate, creative and alive with spirit.  Still riding on the high glow of yesterday’s “Self Mothering-FULL MOON,” we step into joy, play, love and experimental creativity.

Moon in Leo sextile Saturn in Libra tomorrow evening at 6:25pm is a window of manifestation and grounding for our inner-child-heart-driven-dreams.   Partnership receives our light, our work life is enhanced by our joy, and in general we’re happy to be coming off the eclipse field . . . . things are getting lighter already!  Its still important to pay extra attention and handle the energy with ultra-care, all the way through this eclipse cycle until the next new moon.

May the imbalances and extremes this eclipse field may have revealed in our personal and collective lives, may the ultimate balancing results of these extremes, be a gifting of our work of letting go of losses we experienced over the last two months, enriching our lives with humility, gratitude and a pointer into the heart of our lives.

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