January 19 – HAPPY FULL MOON!

HAPPY FULL MOON at 29 CANCER, opposite Sun at 29 Capricorn today at 1:21 pm. Monday night’s Mercury Pluto conjunction is still in the air. We’ve had more animal deaths and earthquakes 4.0 or beyond on the earth, in this past month, than we’ve had since the ice age. its a Full Moon to honor the whole circle of life with Mother earth and our animal brothers and sisters.

Today’s FULL MOON at 29 degrees Cancer is the fourth Full moon since October 2010, at the last degree of each sign, progressively, beginning with a 29 degree Aries Full Moon in October.   These 29 degree Full Moons direct us toward completion and mastery of the principles that are arising in the cycle for each of us.  This 29 degree CANCER FULL MOON marks the fourth completion full moon.  Next month is the last of the star of five Full Moons in a row at the last degree of its sign, The next and final 29 degree FULL MOON, is the 29 degree LEO FULL MOON on February 18th, 2011.

Today’s CANCER FULL MOON being the second cardinal point in our wheel of life, and a place where we are infused with mothering wisdom, is asking us to master our own challenges and come to peace and balance in areas related to mother, feminine, children, home, food, nourishment and the earth, especially the waters of the earth.  We are holding the inner mother, mothering ourselves, each other, and the world this month.

This full moon is also the the second of two full moon’s inside of the eclipses of DEC/JAN. Today the Kali/death/rebirth/high transformative eclipse-field energy peaks and flowers.  Now, we unwind, releasing, letting go, and finally a week or so from now, resting as we prepare for a new cycle. The next new moon, in two weeks, on February 2nd, frees us of the eye of the eclipse change needle, with a new creation cycle and beginning. We’re free of eclipse field intensity, until the eclipses in JUN/JULY.  These eclipse fields are high stress for the immune system, and all systems if we are even a little off center.  This light side of the waning cycle, for the next week is filled with the light electrified power of each of us perfecting and finding our right “Chariots” and “chariotteers.”  Who is driving these vehicles anyway?  The inner mother drives the chariot, our body-vehicle.

The eclipse in Cancer early into 2011 heralds in a bit of a “mothering” archetypal theme for the year  . . . all of creation on earth is calling for mothering to rebalance the imbalances.  We’ve all received our calls this month, have been touched and moved in our hearts . . . these are our “calls from the world,” its good to follow those intuitive hunches and heart-felt connections–with the next organic action as we unfold down into the unstable waning side of this potent eclipse field.

This Full Moon is also heralding the potential of a 13th sign, as the Ophiucus addition to the zodiac rattles its tail at us. The snake is out of the box and we may be dealing with more forms of serpent and snake messenger, than we ever imagined . . . “Serpentarius” seems to archetypally fit in its neighborhood “between Scorpio and Sagittarius.” Another way to look at the archetypal changing of ages before us: Its the end of “who let the cat out of the bag,” ERA and the beginning of the era, “who let that serpent out of the bag?”

Below find Rachel Maddock, speaking about the discovery of Ophiucus.  Catch my new article on this coming soon. . . .

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