January 15, 2011

We awaken this morning having been through a catharsis the night before.  January 15 really begins in our astrological calendars, at midnight.  So late tonight (Fri night), at around midnight, the moon has a conference with a bunch of big outer planets.  There is a square to Neptune and sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus . . . its a catharsis evening.

So we arise freshly catharted in the morning, and its an active day!  Moon trines Mars early, pre dawn and then Mars makes the leap from Capricorn to Aquarius around 3pm.  Late in the evening a Venus Moon opposition is asking us uncomfortable questions about love and . . . better not to think too much, just to nurture the feelings with coo’s and sounds and “i love you,” and “its all going to be ok,” just for tonight.  (Saturday night).  If we’ve mastered tension and know how to direct the Moon in gemini square Venus in Sagittarius . . . then we will not fall prey to our unconscious tendency to worry.

Blessings on everyone’s heart tonight.  Lets all be gentle on each other’s heart, we’ve all been through a lot this last two cycles.