January 14, 2011

krishna and Radha bless the birds together
Like today's SUN MOON trine. thank you to AkshayKumarsi for the copyrighted image.

Good Morning!  It is just before dawn on the west coast and I am up, happy and excited, ready to meditate, write and be here!  The SUN is TRINE the MOON today.  It is a pure day of love and gifts received after work well done.  We’ve just crossed the first quarter tension point of this whoppin’ eclipse cycle, and we are flying for the full moon!  Its light out today!  Enjoy!

SUN at 24 Capricorn is at the end of Capricorn Trine MOON in Taurus today.  This Sun is close to sextile Jupiter and Uranus at the end of Piscs.  This really is a sacred music kind of day.  It is grounding and earthly and sensual and a potentially one of the most beautiful days we’ve had in a long time!

Bliss to you!  Good luck upgrading!