January 12, 2012

Hello.  Yes.  I know you think it is 2011, i’m just playing with you, because that is the spirit of this year.  Is it 2011, or is it 2012?  Or is it 2013 already and we just THINK it is 2011?

For those of you who may have looked for this before noon today, i apologize, i’m still working out my schedule.  When i write, when i commune with others, when i do yoga, when i drink tea. Its raining, so its an inside day.  This morning i was up at sunrise, chanting my Agni Hotra fire chant with the sun rising, blessing the earth, this neighborhood, and my body.  I must be honest, i have been taken over by elephant consciousness, trapsing around the house all morning, and they have just now let me sit down to write today’s weather.  They are still in the living room, making so much fuss, that it is a little hard for me to focus on the weather forcast, but here goes, . . .

We are all feeling MARS sextile URANUS.  MARS is at 27 Capricorn 60 degree’ing URANUS at 27 Pisces.  This is magic.  This is pure magic.  Don’t forget to touch it, because it is all around us today.  Mars is action, energy, will, masculine (anger rage and violence at its darkest express).  With a Uranus connection, we can allow our “mars” story to expand beyond the physical 3D experience and connect it to its invisibly connected neighborhood.  Just as there is a diverse, intricate and specified third dimensional, visible experience of humanity, animals, plants, and elements, earth, air, water, and fire, there is just as vast and intricate, diverse and unique of an experience going on simultaneously in the invisible world.  Today is a day when it is easier than most days to make those connections.  For example, a raw darker “mars” incident occured where someone shot someone.  From this perspective down here, someone shot someone.  If we look into the spirit world, i see a lot more going on.  I see a collective spiritual confrontation which manifests through the bodies of the people involved, but i see we are all involved.  We are all responsible, we all participated.  I see that we are not separate, and yet only a few people served the collective by departing, in order for the collective to encounter this grief.  Is this who we are?  Is this who we are?  Is this who we are?  Is it shocking that “we” (any one of us) would feel no other options to express this, than with a gun.  Do we want to express our thoughts and feelings with each other this way.  I believe the collective is confronting this and the people who left, left on behalf of all of us.

Animals threatening to leave are turtle doves, red-winged blackbirds, crabs, elephants, and many many others.  This consumes my morning attention.  I wake up and long to have my animal companions on the earth with us.  I love them so deeply and i am allowing this love to express every morning in meditation in any way it wants to.  These are my personal expressions of Mars sextiling Uranus, these energies are so pure, they are forms of light and energy, they are unformed.  We form them.  So you will form life out of the power of your personal will and personal action joined with your own chosen invisible forces.

MARS sextile URANUS is a point in a revolution.  It says, “Go!”

In our personal creation lunar cycle, we are at the first quarter point.  Today is the first quarter shift.  The actual shift was this morning at 3:31am pst.  Now we cross into the light side of the cycle and we are on the runway to the FULL MOON in one week.  This is important and fruitful time.  It is still laced with death, eclipse energy and anti-ego-gravity energy, so it is still a time to be ultra aware and ultra intuitive.  AND this time is for us to expand into the new life that is replacing every death and every loss the eclipse takes from us this cycle.  Losses are wonderful.  They take a bunch of old energy with them, from us.  Whenever we lose something, we need to look at what it is taking from us that in our heart 0f hearts, we did not need.  This is a week to celebrate the losses for what they are taking with them and be paying attention to what we are filling that space with.  We can be more focused on the creative rebuilding then the losses if we are wise.

MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 1:52 pm  this can be poetry, or tears, singing, or raining, or painting, or allowing this poetry to express through any form we choose.

MOON in Aries squares MARS in Capricorn at 3pm pst.  This is a great tension point.  Its good to excercise, take a break from communications, do a meditation in which you examine what your own MARS is connected to.  Maybe you’d like to re-align its energetic alignments?  There is an upgrade, how would we upgrade our experience of our own masculine energy and willpower?  How can we upgrade our experience now?

MOON in Aries trines MERCURY in Sagittarius at 6:47 pm.  Whew!  Fiery fiery.  Allow the fun of this creative energy to express through us is awesome, as long as we are balanced, centered, clear, and aligned with our higher self.  Since it is still an eclipse window, all of this fire needs to be handled with care, especially in the realm of communications.  Its another day to keep our feet out of our mouth, which we do by taking extra care to pause before we speak.  (taking the time to refine and upgrade before it comes out)

MOON IS VOID OF COURSE (wacky, in other words) between 6:47 and 7:37 pm pst. This is a good time to meditate, rest or take a bath.

At 7:47pm pst, MOON goes into Taurus for some grounding of all that creativity.  This evening is a potent night to ground our creativity.  For tonight, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE. We can ground what we love into life. It is almost spring, the seeds are already unfurling and heading for the service.  What is unfurling?  We get to create, create, create!!!