January 11, 2011

MERCURY in Sagittarius square JUPITER in Pisces at 12:37 pm pstExpanding the Sacred and repairing the world-net day. This day may remind us that Mercury was retrograde and we are still unwinding its circles and mix-ups.  Mercury pulls little facts out of its hat and delivers them on our table, to chew on.  Today we will do some chewing.  Jupiter gives us the capacity to process and integrate more information than usual, we’ll either get into the communications and information day, or we will feel over-stimulated.  To surf the communications wave, we can get into it!  its a day to reach out to the world and COMMUNICATE especially about any mistakes we made, that we realized later. 

TODAY IS KARMA BALANCING E-MAIL DAY! E-mail anyone with whom you feel you need to “repair the psychic net” with.  If you “slipped up,” somewhere, and you realize it later, you can always write and apologize.  Today is that day.  If a situation didn’t have as much honor as you wish it had, today is a day, when we can let someone know how much we appreciate them.  People may need encouragement today.

MOON in ARIES is OPPOSITE SaTURN in LIBRA at 5:47pm pst.  Oh, we’ve been building up to this FULL SATURN/MOON for a few days.  Wherever we feel limited in relationships, today is the FULL FRUITION of the work.  We need to communicate our unmet needs, this is a relationship 101 by-law.  We need to feel the places where our relationships feel contrary or out of alignment with our personal goals, values or truths.  its good to wait to speak, or think carefully first, because Aries moon is the “foot in mouth” mooon.  Its good for today to keep our feet out of our own and other people’s mouths and look for the places where we are most limited, or most uncomfortable.  This is our work.  Where is the most uncomfortable feeling?  It is a good day to peek there, and ask oneself, “what need is not being met?”  How can i meet it in a different way today or soon, than i have ever tried to meet it before?

MOON opposite SATURN can make us sleepy, or a combination of wired and tired at the same time, or busy doing a million things, and yet feeling underneath some huge burden . . . what is it?  If you feel burdened today, you need to adjust your surf-board monitors.  Limitation is our friend.  Today, transform limitation into your friend.  We need boundaries to keep waters in the rivers.  How do our limitations guide us?  “Saturn will crush you up against the glass of your own limiting beliefs, (not so nice), but has the power to push you through to the other side.”  Today is a good day for accounting, hypnotherapy, a mountain hike, psychic clearing, or offering blessings to the earth.

FULL RELATIONSHIP – AS this MOON in Aries opposes SATURN in Libra, our relationships come into full moonlight.  Our emotional bodies may become charged with one place where we might feel polarized or different from our partner.  tonight is a night when these differences will be swaying to their extreme of confrontation, boundaries, limitations, and re-organization.  it may be time for a SHIFT or a New Perspective or Path in a relationship.

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