January 10, 2011

The astrological day of changing weather begins at midnight, when MOON squares MERCURY at 12:20 am pst. We are working through our own inner-communications.  Moon is so close at this moment to the conjunction of MOON to JUPITER and URANUS. MOON conjunct URANUS is at 1:43am pst, and is conjunct JUPITER at 3:12am pst. These three planets are having a new age spiritual convention in our dreams tonight/this early morning of 1/10/11 . . . bringing us into our heart (numerological 6).

MERCURY sextiles NEPTUNE at 12:04pm pst in the afternoon . . . this aspect invites friendship with water, beauty and nature, or whatever we choose for our neptunian expression.  MOON trines VENUS at 2:27pm pst, adding sweetness over the top of mercurial contact with a fluid river-like consciousness.  What energy, what beauty is possible with this!!!  Beauty away!!

MERCURY SQUARES URANUS at 4:14 pm pst. GOOD TO SURF THIS WELL!! Pay Attention!  High Alert!  This is volatile with sudden communications, or shocking news.  WE’ve already had some of this in the last few days.  Here, we have a peak of breakthrough communication that must be guided toward a breakthrough of healing and merging with insight, revelation and inspiration, not arguing . . . also care with driving and any situation that has volatility.  Tonight is a night to stay home and meditate or be in a peaceful place to handle intense energy through the mind and communications facilities.  Awakening journey to you this evening!!

MOON SQUARES PLUTO 6:54pm pst . . . THIS ASPECT ALSO HAS POTENTIAL FOR INTENSE EMOTIONAL PLUNGES, ALONG WITH TOUCHING US INTO the delicacy of life and the nearness of death and crossroads in general.  We feel deeply with moon pluto aspects and squares can have an edge, to push us to change where we need to.  We know where change is needed.  This aspect asks us for change.  The more willing we are, the more graceful this can be.  To manifest this on the higher side, invoke grace and spirit connection through specific time for meditation or communion with the divine in your way.  Time with nature can be valuable in a moon pluto window.

We are in a TWO DAY INITIATORY WINDOW with some testing going on.  Stay centered and keep meeting obstacles and inspirations head on, for best results, keep energy moving and look for freedom and inspiration even from loss or pain.  Letting go, letting go, then holding on to our passion, our inspiration, our intuition and our knowing.  Tomorrow features a Mercury square Jupiter and Moon opposite Saturn.  Another day to handle with care in its expansive and contractive extremes and potentials.