January 9, 2011

We arise with MOON in Pisces sextiling SUN in Capricorn in the morning, exact at 9:20 am pst. Pisces is the moon of the most humanitarian sense of FEELING. Anyone with a lot of pisces may cry more than the other signs.  And the sign of Pisces is a healing sign, a deep feeling sign.  So we are all feeling deeply today, if we are aware of the species leaving in large numbers, and the Congresswoman and people who were murdered yesterday.  There is a lot to grieve–and today is a day to honor grief and feelings and to allow them to arise in us in their full truth and light.  When we grieve fully and expressively, then we are restored by our tears and the natural process and we rise up like bubbles from the bottom of our oceans, with ideas, inspiration and creativity which is fueled by our love of the earth and her creatures.  Today is a day for tears and grief to inspire us into the natural intelligent healing responses of our hearts. 

MOON sextiles MARS in Capricorn at 10:25 pm pst. This aspect, as well as the morning aspect, both infuse our grief with light and action.  We need to be creative and active with this.  We are here at this time to make a difference.  Tonight, those inspirations, about how WE can make a difference may bubble up.  Its good to provide late night outlets for emotionally charged active energy.

Like every day is sacred, today is also sacred.  Today we have some edgy sacredness, sacred grief, sacred rage, sacred cries for justice, it is the season for these things.  Blessings to all beings!

NOTE: These aspects do not necessarily generate grief or sadness, Capricorn can be very productive and Pisces can be intuitive and creative.  When we operate at higher frequencies, then we express archetypal energies at higher frequencies.  Its wonderful to be in a place of joy, as i aspire to be in as much as possible–there is so much beauty and so much to be grateful for, other higher Piscean attributes. With the incidents happening with species dying and people being murdered, there is a collective energy of grief that is present and anyone may feel this collective grief at any moment.  This grief can be a powerful healing force if/when we allow it to be fully felt and allow the softening around the heart that occurs as we feel it.  This fully felt heart will be more resourced to respond.