Astrological Weather for January 7, 2011

Today, Friday, January 7th, 2011, is a day of work and action early, and then a day of spiritual practice, creativity, or love, after NOON!

Before Dawn, SUN (our creative drive, life force and expression) is SQUARE SATURN exact at 6am pst, but in effect all day!  (work, structure, responsability, commitment) .  This is a tension aspect and a shift point in the way we commit our time and energy in our lives.  We may feel to re-evaluate our use of time and energy today.  We may wish to slightly change out focus or re-commit ourselves to work more efficiently so we can have more time for spiritual practice or excersize, or love.  Moon sextiles Mercury at 6:43 am pst, so we likely wake up ready to communicate with the world and take care of the responsabilities the SUN SATURN conference is asking us for.

MOON conjunct NEPTUNE at 12:51 pm pst then MOON goes VOID of COURSE for the rest of the working day.  The Moon Neptune aspect asks us to dissolve, into meditation, into love, or into the bathtub.  To balance the needs of our MOON conjunct NEPTUNE while we finish the work of SUN square SATURN means its a good to take care of as many of the details early in the morning, because after 12:51pm, details my slide right through our fingers, so its nicer to “go with that,” and surrender to the FRIDAY and the WEEKEND a little after NOON.

1pm-6:57pm: the Moon floats between Aquarius and Pisces, in the midst of changing signs, we are in a dreamy or spacey space, floating along.  If we try to be too linear in these moments, we may feel confused.  Moon moves into Pisces at 6:57 pm pst continuing the dreamy, spacey, sensitive feeling into the night.

At 8:16 pm pst, MOON squares VENUS and we may find that we FEEL uncomfortable with SOMETHING.  SOMETHING is  communicating . . . a lover, a part of self, a piece of forgotten longing, or inner artwork that needs to come forward.  Something needs to be heard tonight and its best to listen and give attention to whatever that is, for love, healing and evolution.

In the early morning, pre-dawn sky we may see Venus, Mercury and/or Saturn.  Thursday was a calm day with only one aspect, and a grounding one, Moon trine Saturn.

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