January 5, 2011

Last night’s Venus square Chiron touched something deep in each of us, if we noticed–we likely felt this stirring of a place where our soul is seeking healing and wholeness.  if a part of us is wounded or separated off, and needs attention, last night was its night.  This is a useful point in our healing journey.

Today the Fun, Far-Reaching, World-Family MOON in AQUARIUS is sextiling our BREAKTHROUGH Planetary conjunction of JUPITER to URANUS.  The cycle is still young and these are outer planets, that touch the moon today.  We may feel it today, and we will definately feel this ground-breaking, “Age of Aquarius Dawning” aspect as this lunar cycle flowers over the next few weeks.

MOON Sextiles VENUS today for additional sweetness even when the Solar Eclipse has done its number on us.  Today–we are receiving the sweet milk of the universal love, over our inner earthquakes.

This Elipse Lunar Cycle so far, beginning 1am on January 4th, is seeing a lot of dead animals in large numbers.  This is sad, so there is a lot of grieving to do about the loss of species we continue to experience locally and globally.  Our culture will need to develop healthy ways of containing and moving through our collective grief.


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