January 4, 2011

Early this morning at 1:03 am pst, there was a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.  Eclipses are some of the most powerful energy for change and transformation that we receive from the cosmos.  This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE, in the middle of the night last night, will emanate through this whole cycle and into the next, working its deep change on us.

Yesterday’s Pre-Eclipse DARK MOON day was framed by a MOON PLUTO morning and a VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE NIGHT.  Yesterday, Jan. 3rd, revealed to us where our most important spiritual work may be located.

Today, we arrive, like newborns, if we allow ourselves to feel this intimately, the new fresh emerging energy the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE brought in.

JUPITER conjuncted URANUS within hours of the Solar eclipse at 4:53am.  This conjunction reminds us that the real shift we are undergoing, in these years of 2011 and 2012, is a shift in “human consciousness.”  Although our planet will shift and there may be human disasters, like the man-made Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, for the most part, the shift we are going through is an expansion of consciousness.  Today, on this new moon solar eclipse, with Jupiter conjunct Uranus, our consciousness is being expanded, gently, and will continue to expand as we walk each day toward the full moon on January 19.  This lunar cycle is a cycle of birth and death of consciousness.  We are changing by the minute.  WE can trust this change.  It loves us and will change us one day at a time.

Today, on this important sun moon holy-day (eclipse), we can also allow VENUS to reach into our third eye and “see” our unique part of this human expansion on earth at this time.  With Venus trining the aspect of awakening, JUPITER/URANUS, we are personally supported in finding our personal connection to the New Consciousness, New Humanity and New Earth that is emerging over the next few years.  Each of us has a unique roll.

MOON squared SATURN in the morning (meanwhile) and conjuncted MARS this afternoon, giving just enough angst to inspire us to get work done on this eclipse holy day.  It would be nice if we could be meditating, and receiving the cosmic messages, but “there is work to do!”

Late tonight, VENUS SQUARE’s CHIRON at 1:07am – oh my what a night.  This is a night to have a conversation with the Goddess inside of each of us.  How have we abandoned or forgotten about our inner divine feminine?  Is there something she has been saying we’ve been unable to hear?  tonight is a night to really listen and hear what SHE is saying.  If we are in emotional pain, what is it saying? This square marks a transition in a healing journey, or an evolution in our way of expressing creatively in the world.  Our own creative expression is a healing force and tonight is a night to touch that place.

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