January 3, 2011

Today, the MOON is in EARTH Bones Capricorn. MOON conjuncts PLUTO at 9:41am pst. Moon conjunct Pluto in the dark last day of the 2010 last lunar cycle. . . . its a day to GO DEEP. BE SILENT. Receive the luscious, velvety enegy of your own divine spirit, coming in for landing.

the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE is LATE TONIGHT at 1:03am at 13 degrees Capricorn. This New Moon Eclipse is a sacred manifestation of our heart’s at this moment. We can focus the creative force like a laser to hone our dreams.

JUPITER conjuncts URANUS within hours of the Solar Eclipse! Just before dawn of January 4th at 5:52am pst. Its a good sign! It is an Aquarian REvolution aspect! Are you ready? If the dawning didn’t happen for you yet (of the Age of Aquarius,) then it is now. This lunar cycle is the “dawning of the age of Aquarius.”

Jupiter conjunct Uranus coming together FREE US! AGAIN! Its another TIME TO COME OUT OF THE CLoSet! If we didn’t already, now is another opportunity. It is an eclipse though, which is volatile, so it might be best to come out of the closet to the night sky first until about three days past the eclipse.

THREE DAYS PAST the SOLAR ECLIPSE is a safer time to make important decisions and enact important business operations. The three days before and after a Solar Eclipse are SACRED TIME. MAy your SAcred Time be your own.

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