January 2, 2011

The MOON is dark and waning.  It was Eclipsed by the EARTH when it was FULL and now it is heading DOWN, into the underworld, as it journey’s down into its lowest energy point in the cycle on Jan. 4.

The MOON conjuncts MERCURY near dawn, at 6:02am.  Sun is rising at 7:25am. The conjunction may be visible in the pre-dawn, eastern sky, in California.  East of California, i believe it will be sunrise already when the conjunction occurs, but you may see mercury and the sliver of a moon, just before sunrise, hanging in the eastern sky.  This conjunction is our monthly emotional connection with our communicator.  This time, it is happening in the low, dark part of the emotional Moon’s journey.

By the evening, MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 5:45pm pst.  It is time for baths, poetry, soup, or all of the above at once.  It is good to focus on the higher side of Neptune for this evening, because it features a MOON square JUPITER and MOON square URANUS between 5:30pm pst and 6:30pm pst.  It can be a “revolutionary soup” -lets throw every last thing from the refrigerator (or our psyche’s) that might go bad soon, into the soup, and cook it into something beautiful for the new year.

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