January 2, 2011

The MOON is dark and waning.  It was Eclipsed by the EARTH when it was FULL and now it is heading DOWN, into the underworld, as it journey’s down into its lowest energy point in the cycle on Jan. 4.

The MOON conjuncts MERCURY near dawn, at 6:02am.  Sun is rising at 7:25am. The conjunction may be visible in the pre-dawn, eastern sky, in California.  East of California, i believe it will be sunrise already when the conjunction occurs, but you may see mercury and the sliver of a moon, just before sunrise, hanging in the eastern sky.  This conjunction is our monthly emotional connection with our communicator.  This time, it is happening in the low, dark part of the emotional Moon’s journey.

By the evening, MOON sextiles NEPTUNE at 5:45pm pst.  It is time for baths, poetry, soup, or all of the above at once.  It is good to focus on the higher side of Neptune for this evening, because it features a MOON square JUPITER and MOON square URANUS between 5:30pm pst and 6:30pm pst.  It can be a “revolutionary soup” -lets throw every last thing from the refrigerator (or our psyche’s) that might go bad soon, into the soup, and cook it into something beautiful for the new year.

January 1, 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to 2011!  We received snow in Northern California for New Years.  the ground is covered in white and there are bits of white falling from the sky.  Today, the MOON is in SAGITTARIUS, bringing us a celebratory spirit to the colder SUN in CAPRICORN which sextiles SATURN at 11:21pm pst, inspiring us to work, chop wood and carry water.  Today is a day to be practical and, even though its the first day of the year, its still a waning moon.  Its the very end of the last lunar cycle of 2010 so we’re in a supercharged completion phase still until January 4th on the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE.

On This Day, A Prayer for TRUTH,
may Don Miguel Ruiz inspire your own authentic prayer.
Prayer for Truth

by Don Miguel Ruiz

TODAY, CREATOR, I ask you to open my eyes and open my heart so that I can recover the truth about my life. Help me to resist the temptation to believe the lies that repress the expression of my life and my love. Give me the strength to resist the temptation to believe the lies of others that only create emotional poison in my heart.

Today, Creator, let me see what is, not what I want to see. Let me hear what is, not what I want to hear. Help me to recover my awareness so that I can see everything I perceive with my eyes, with my ears, with all of my senses. Let me perceive with eyes of love so that I find you wherever I go and see you in everything I create. Help me to see you in every cell of my body, in every emotion of my mind, in every person I meet. Let me see you in the rain, in the flowers, in the water, in the fire, in the animals, in the butterflies. You are everywhere, and I am one with you. Let me be aware of this truth.

Today, let everything I do and say be an expression of the beauty in my heart. Let me be aware of the beauty and perfection in everything you create, so that I can live in eternal love with you. Thank you, Creator, for the power to create a dream of heaven where everything is possible. Beginning today, I will use the power of my love to create a masterpiece of art —— my own life. Amen.

Prayers, A Commununion with our Creator
author, Don Miguel Ruiz
copyright 2001 by Miguel Angel Ruiz, M.D. and Janet Mills