December 31, 2010 – Prepare for Fierce Birthing

December 31, 2010, the last day of 2010, is filled with all the aspects we might need for a deep and whole hearted rite of passage, touched by the divine and containing both gifts and challenges to overcome throughout the journey of our life-transition, “say goodbye to 2010” day.

As the Sun rises, the Moon is already a waning crescent in the pre-dawn sky, emotionally alert before dawn.  This dawn MOON in Sagittarius, aimed at Galactic Center, conjuncts MORNING STAR VENUS at 5:11am pst.  The Divine Feminine is gathering this morning.  if she whispers in your ear early, listen to her sweet calls . . . what is she whispering in your ear this morning?  This reverent venus-touched self of ours is touched by Higher-Self-Driven-Jupiter in a supportive TRINE at 11:11am pst.  This morning is a time for our sweetest most meaningful prayers and listenings.

waning MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 11:33 AM pst and we may FEEL the greater forces MOVING us in a direction that may or may not be practical.  If we feel a need to be at home, its good to follow it and go home.  If we feel confusion, anxiety, or fear, its good to make friends with water and feelings and know that it will pass.

MOON trines URANUS at 11:57am and then then goes VOID OF COURSE for the REST OF THE DAY!!  This means, set down your working mind and PARTY!!  Its NEW YEAR’s EVE!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Really though, whether you are partying or working at this time its good to have a good sense of humor intact for the rest of the day–like instead of rose-colored glasses, you want to have your humor-colored glasses.  Ha!

Moon is VOID until 5:21pm pst, when it moves into SAGITTARIUS, taking our celebration of NEW YEARS EVE to a GLOBAL level.  WE WISH THE WHOLE WORLD A HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May we learn balance, peace with each other and peace with nature.  May all our relations be healed and come into alignment with the whole.

Although we celebrate the beginning of a new year, this evening, into tomorrow, being January 1, 2011–in the lunar cycle, we remain in the dark closing of a cycle until January 4, 2011.  January 1-3, 2011 are SUPER CHARGED DAYS for COMPLETING the PAST, so that we can enter the new year unburdened, clearing the way, for whatever Mother Earth may bring through us in her period of FIERCE BIRTHING, beginning January 4, 2011.

If you would like Astrological Guidance in your year ahead, please send me an e-mail at and i will send you a list of my readings and classes as i release time slots.

Celebrating Preparedness, i recommend the below links . . .

For more information on January, 2011, find Lena Steven’s Monthly forecast on

December 30

Today’s Moon in Scorpio has us deeply focused on whatever “our thing” is.  This MOON trined the SUN in the morning and MARS in the evening, framing the day with enthusiasm and a willingness to work.  Today was an accomplishment and completion day in the context of the waning moon.

We are compassionately, gracefully, willingly hospicing all that does not serve our higher selves.  As we move closer to times of chaos and transformation, we need to adjust ourselves into higher and higher levels of intuition and preparedness for anything.  We need to make priorities to spend time in spiritual practice, because in times of chaos, connection to our higher self is priceless and the only thing that will work.

On January 4: New Moon Solar Eclilpse: Prepare for Fierce Birthing!!

December 29

This morning featured a MARS SQUARE SATURN at 7:29am pst.  This square is a shift point in our work life.  We are rebuilding the way we work in the world a little at a time.  The world is changing fast and we are adapting our work to this changing world.  Today is a point in that turning.

MERCURY is STATIONARY today, preparing to go DIRECT after THREE WEEKS being retrograde.  Although we usually only have three mercury retrograde periods for three weeks, 2010 gave us a fourth period of “slowing down to rework ourselves.”  So 2010 has been a year of re-working our selves and our lives.  Today, we have a whopper of a direction changer day!  Late tonight, at 11:21 pm pst, Mercury will have its exact shift point into direct motion.  The day will feel funny and lots of little breaks in communications are possible so extra care is needed while driving and with communications!!

The MOON, our personal emotional weather maker, is conversing with outer forces today.  There is a conversation with a larger force of watery spiritual power, elicited when the Air Moon trined Air NEPTUNE this morning.  At 12:49pm pst, Moon moved into Scorpio from Libra and a conversation between personal emotions and larger universal raw power (PLUTO) is brewing until 9:58 pm pst, when Scorpio MOON sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn.  We are ready to bring our soul home tonight.  If it didn’t feel welcome yet, we are learning to build it a home inside.  Welcome to every bit of soul we can pull down from heaven, to join us here on earth as we walk into the new year together.

December 27

Moon is in Libra as of 9:38am pst.  This Libra Moon is touching into the T-Square of 2010. Moon will square Pluto at 6:24pm pst.  This is a tension to shift something.  We hit the last quarter square of Moon square sun at 8:18pm pst.  This transitions us from the light side of the lunar cycle, to the dark side.  We cross over to the last quarter of the cycle between two eclipses.  This is a high powered time of release, cleansing and completion.  It is a time to make sure all that needs to be closed and completed to support the new year, is done.  Cheers to all your completions and cleansings!

December 26

The Moon trined Mars this morning early, sextiled Venus in the afternoon and is supporting us with a good relationship between emotions masculine and feminine.  Halleluja!  Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn today at 5:03pm pst. Moon also squares Mercury at 5:36pm pst.  We have a deep need to cathart our creative expression.  We may need to write, to paint, to dance, to . . . whatever our soul requires when our giant inner light hits our deep soul power.  We’ll each need something unique.  May your journey with your own inner creative fire of soul, touch you today–head to toes.