December 29

This morning featured a MARS SQUARE SATURN at 7:29am pst.  This square is a shift point in our work life.  We are rebuilding the way we work in the world a little at a time.  The world is changing fast and we are adapting our work to this changing world.  Today is a point in that turning.

MERCURY is STATIONARY today, preparing to go DIRECT after THREE WEEKS being retrograde.  Although we usually only have three mercury retrograde periods for three weeks, 2010 gave us a fourth period of “slowing down to rework ourselves.”  So 2010 has been a year of re-working our selves and our lives.  Today, we have a whopper of a direction changer day!  Late tonight, at 11:21 pm pst, Mercury will have its exact shift point into direct motion.  The day will feel funny and lots of little breaks in communications are possible so extra care is needed while driving and with communications!!

The MOON, our personal emotional weather maker, is conversing with outer forces today.  There is a conversation with a larger force of watery spiritual power, elicited when the Air Moon trined Air NEPTUNE this morning.  At 12:49pm pst, Moon moved into Scorpio from Libra and a conversation between personal emotions and larger universal raw power (PLUTO) is brewing until 9:58 pm pst, when Scorpio MOON sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn.  We are ready to bring our soul home tonight.  If it didn’t feel welcome yet, we are learning to build it a home inside.  Welcome to every bit of soul we can pull down from heaven, to join us here on earth as we walk into the new year together.

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