December 20 – Sacred Time

There are a lot of aspects today!  The planets are busy connecting with each other, busy.  Meanwhile, the sun, the moon and the earth are having SACRED TIME, speaking with humanity.  Rarely do our two lights SUN and MOON line up to make such a show as they will over America, during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. We are in the run up to this sacred moment.  The exact time of the Eclipse is  – beginning 10:13pm PST, peaking 12:13 (just after midnight) and moving out of eclipse range by 2:13am PST.  This day is a good day for meditation, prayer, and inner vision.  it is a day to be clear about what we are releasing and what we are focusing to flourish.  today is death and rebirth day and we can do that consciously and with great joy and clarity.

The aspects that join the Lunar Eclipse energy first ground us with our work with a moon trine Saturn.  Work can be sacred.  Work done in this window is sacred work.  Mercury Squares Uranus at 3:31pm PST.  The afternoon could be wonky.  With a mercury retrograde and an eclipse field, handle this aspect with care.  Its best not to operate heavy machinery, especially without eye-goggles and protection.  Mercury Square Uranus used well can literally “break us through to the other side,” of any mental limitations we are experiencing.  Feeling crazy is a good sign for tomorrow–it could mean you’re about to jump out the window of limited thinking and cross over to the “unknown.”  The unknown awaits us with gifts as the moon squares Jupiter at 5:01pm pst.  Jupiter is the giver of gifts and the square makes these “very large” gifts.  Moon trines Neptune at 7:09pm, this adds divinity to the gifts we are giving and receiving.  Divine Gifts.  Moon opposes Mercury at 7:19pm.  Although the gifts are large and divine, it is not always easy to speak about them!  If you find yourself speechless during a moon opposite mercury, its healthy and normal.  Moon squares Uranus at 7:42pm pst.  These squares demand our attention.  Uranus is making me curious about how everyone will experience its interesting quirky funny side in this square.  Once we make it through the alchemy of the planets conversing in our evening, we are blessed with a communication gift and poetic river of energy with a Mercury sextile Neptune at 9:03 pm pst.  Ahh.  Thank Goddess for sextiles, who smooth the energy of squares.

This is a lively transformation day of gifts, deaths, rebirths and poetry.  May you hold yourself and all of those around you sacred today.  I hold all of us sacred on this day.  We are held in my heart-hands of love, as i know we are held by all the cosmos in love.

Peace and Awakening be with you in this powerful Kali Window of Death and Rebirth.

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