This December 20-21, 2010 there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at Midnight on Winter Solstice!

This is the second time i am writing this essay on this upcoming FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE, tonight.  I have to send a call out to Mercury Retrograde.  I honor you.  I’m happy to write the whole thing again.  I imagine it will be better the second time! (Mercury retrograde from Dec. 10-Dec 29)

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight (Monday), beginning at 10:13pm pst through 2:13am pst.  The eclipse literally involves a physical astronomical alignment between the SUN, the MOON and the EARTH.  The EARTH will come between MOON and SUN, eclipsing Its light.  Where it is visible, we can watch, over the course of four hours, the Moon’s light (our own mysterious unconscious and history) become fully eclipsed, and then relit, as the earth moves slowly out of the path of sun, and the Moon returns to Full Moon Light.

There may be literal physical magnetic shifts the earth or we may experience tonight.  We are a part of the earth and on the earth.  I feel us like little vessels– cosmic rain-catchers, we receive cosmic light and transmit it into our experience.  So tonight, we are catching cosmic kali, destructive change light.  We may find ourselves becoming agents of change in one form or another, even if it is our own change we are upholding.

I keep receiving an image of “water in the air.”  This makes me think of rain and of cleansing of all kinds.  (especially cleansing of the mind) It is good for us to purify ourselves at this time. Since this Full Moon Eclilpse is in Gemini, we can use the destructive intensely purifying force of this eclipse to free ourselves of thoughts, beliefs and religious ceilings that we no longer need.

Being at 29 degrees, the end of the sign, its good for us to go deep into our history, we can release all the ancient bad beliefs that got passed down to us through time. This is a unique time to dig deeply into our past and uproot and reframe old programming, old beliefs and glass ceilings we kept over ourselves that are no longer useful, especially the ones we can’t “see,” or “didn’t notice” until we “dug deeply for them.”

We can choose to create a whole new system of belief that serves our current consciousness and time.  I recommend forms of Inner Wisdom-Self-Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy, or Theta Healing is a great practice for this time!  In those spaces we can work to turn over the ghosts that need to be cleared from our unconscious, so we can move forward in more grace.

Eclipses are Death-Rebirth powers.  This is a great time to purify our bodies and our homes.  Another great way to purify our thoughts, our words and our consciousness is with periods of silence.  I intend to spend a lot of time in different forms of meditation and receptivity, so i can hear what GrandFather Sun and GrandMother Moon are saying.  I intend to follow their power sword and purify myself and my “web of consciousness.”

Today, we cross into the threshold of an eclipse window that will take us the next two weeks until New Moon Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn on January 4. More about this soon.

It does happen sometimes, that things get “eclipsed.”  Events, expectations, egoic  attachments of any kind, can become “eclipsed.” If this happens, the best attitude is one of gratitude.  There is always a reason that one can be grateful for a shift.  In the spirit of “when one door closes, what is the door that opens?”

This time, today, through the next eclipse on 1/4/2011, is a time to take care.  It is good to slow down and listen to “gut” and instinct and follow it, even if it is not logical.  For example, if i have an airline ticket and every time i go to get in the car to go, i feel sick, and when i stop the car and give myself the option of not going to the airport, i feel calm, then i go with the feeling, and i “change the plan.”  No questions, just allow the gut to guide.  The gut says don’t go, so we don’t go.  That is it, no questions.  That is the best way to navigate this next two weeks.

Mercury is also still retrograde (Dec. 10-29), as i’ve just been reminded by this current “rewrite” I’m doing now.  Mercury Retrograde truly is a magical time.  It is not always a great time for “accomplishment,” although it is great for revising, rewriting and reworking old material, old patterns, old relationships, and old projects.  Our Mercury Retrograde “feet” simply require flexibility and humor.  If something is cancelled or an expectation is not met, we need to be able to “let go” and look for the “gift.”  If we can do that, we will live a magical mercury retrograde mystery.  If we hold onto things that are “eclipsed,” then we can choose to have an uncomfortable time of a Mercury retrograde eclipse field.  2010 was a year of Four Mercury Retrograde Cycles!  Usually there are three Mercury Reetrograde periods in a year, for three weeks each time.  2010, squeezed in one more in December, giving us FOUR!!!

So in this Mercury Retrograde Eclipse time, we can enjoy being Kali in an elevator that stalls.  It’s a time to have some chants to sing, when our elevator stalls, so to speak.  It is truly a powerful time of transformation and “upgrade,” for our psyche’s, our emotional body, and our consciousness.  We are being upgraded by the Sun and Moon.  What an honor!  I walk into this doorway of change with awe!

A Note.  Some spiritual teachers believe the “light” of the eclipse is a destructive light, like the Iowaska Tea of Light, it can send a powerful force of destructive chaotic change that can be intense to navigate. Masters, who spend a lot of time in meditation, believe if one is awakening on one’s own through meditation, then one does not need to take such intense doses of this laser-Kali-light into one’s system.  Instead, one can avoid this destructive light, remain peaceful and more gentle about one’s awakening and change through grace.

I choose grace, whether i see the light of the eclipse or not, and, when I heard that Northern California would be “cloud covered,” and “we might not see the eclipse that would otherwise be visible,” I was reminded of that story and wondered to myself, if the clouds were protecting all of Northern California from the destructive laser light of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Whether it is cloud covered or not, we are already experiencing and will continue to experience profound awakenings, shifts and changes both inside and out of tonights Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and its field of change carrying us through the next two weeks and two months of a larger arc of change.

May we all stand holding the hands of each human being on the earth with hands of light, holding each one, with our hands, as we walk across this threshold of change and holy destructive light.  We can use this destructive light with consciousness to finally release old patterns, cleanse old thought forms, and release limitations in our consciousness, both internal and external, that have kept us from our awakening, which the earth and cosmos is walking us through, one day at a time.  Today happens to be a potent day of cosmic medicine.  I receive it.  Thank you.

Hands of light on the darkest day-night.