December’s Eclipse Season

Approaching the NEW MOON on December 5th, in Sagittarius, we step day by day, into the layers of radical change the eclipses shower under us like healthy earthquakes that shake up all the plaque between our teeth when we floss. As Lena Stevens is saying, “its maintenance month.” I’m calling it “flossing month,” sharing her feelings about the month.

The eclipses tend to shake things up. Its always a nicer feeling when we are the shakers and we are the quakers, like flossing our life where we know its needed, so it doesn’t come at us with its own version of earthquake floss. Anything that is weak can break during the eclipse time, so it is important to tend to the things we “know,” need tending at this time. Even though the actual FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is not until the WINTER SOLSTICE, December 21, we will still be inside the initiatory eclipse field, as soon as we step foot on the journey of this new moon and new lunar cycle. A cycle peaking with a FULL MOON on WINTER SOLSTICE at 12:13am pst.

The Full Moon we are stepping toward contains an opposition of Pluto and Mars to the moon, from morning til night. First this pregnant Moon opposes Pluto at 10 am for a POWER FLOWERING of whatever we are focused on during the NEW MOON on DECEMBER 5th and in the two weeks after. By the evening of December 21st, Moon then opposes Mars at 8:06pm pst, adding fuel to the fire of our own personal eclipse transformation. Each day will lead us to the eventual power day of the Full Moon Eclipse–The Deep Floss Day, on December 21. Sacred Deep Floss, Winter Solstice. This is a time for “Clearing Spiritual Arteries” with our clarity and focus on desired outcomes as an anecdote to past mistakes of humanity.

Being a New Moon at middle Sagittarius, 13 degrees, on this coming Sunday, we are reminiscent of ancient and secret feminine rites and secret artist collectives where magic was honored through history. I light a candle to magical circles ancient and present, who gather, in one form or another to honor the sacred, the divine the higher self of us in all the different ways. All traditions have divinity inside. Of course every moment is high magic time, because we do create with our thoughts and emanations, and yet, some moments are more for high magic than others. This New Moon, December 5th, at 9:36am pst, is one of those high magic days.

Also on December 5th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto later that day at 5:18pm pst, along with Uranus going direct at 5:51pm. This is a day to honor the divine part of us, the larger collective, our larger religious spiritual God, Great Spirit, Goddess. A New Moon is sacred time for all of us, and Uranus going direct reminds us that the larger forces, REALLY ARE LARGER than we are.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto is at the first quarter of the lunar cycle on Dec. 13 at 8:10pm pst. Mars and Pluto are aspecting nearby to all of the lunation points this cycle, peaking with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini. Mars in Capricorn, touching Pluto brings masculine force and activation to our Pluto parts. Pluto parts, as most of you know, are our deepest, most hidden, most volatile, most soulful, most powerful parts of self. The Mars activates our souls, the final clearing on shadow self that is either inappropriately hiding or holding us back.

May your soul and deep self be blessed during this ECLIPSE TIME. Please Report here, in the comments, if you are experiencing this initiatory eclipse time in your life, i would love to hear about it!!!