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This is a video with the actual sounds of the stars as recorded by NASA.


Star Weather Whale is here to remind us that each of us is in a vehicle, traveling through “space and time,” currently on earth, and so we are traveling through earth-based space and time. As we know the next few years will be filled with change. Prophecies from all corners of the globe tell us of this time, when the “poles will shift.” As Little Grandmother reminds us, the real shift for us is from Mind Consciousness to Heart Consciousness at this time.

As the sun rises and sets and the Moon expands to Full at Full Moon and unwinds, releasing all the way down to the dark clearing of the pre-dark moon, we too have an opportunity to fill ourselves and our creative focuses with power and then to release and heal ourselves in the waning side of the moon’s journey.

At New Moon we each celebrate a new cycle of creation in this incredible dancing universe! One thing is for sure, “nothing ever remains the same,” and this is also true in the moving universe that each of us traverses in each day of our lives, shared together in a collective human experience on earth. The sun rises each day, for each of us. What we do with that daylight is truly a choice. Our own consciousness of thought and action is our own choice and we truly create what we do with the Sun’s given light. Underneath that, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus and Mars weave a fabric of consciousness that moves us. For better or for worse, we are moved through time by these cycles that usher us into evolution and growth in miraculous and self-chosen ways.

Star Weather Whale is your guide to the real-time astrological “waters,” and “weather.” Like real weather patterns, astrological energies shift and change in cycles of time that rise and fall underneath us, gifting us with the changing life force that provides our changing fabric of life.

This fabric of life loves us. There is an “old consciousness” that has been dominating the human mind for centuries. Star Weather Whale will not espouse this old consciousness, but will shine a light, into the possibility that an awakened connected humanity will make choices, with each moment, that will propel us into a unique creative Golden Age, crafted by all of us together, sharing power and resources to heal and rebalance the earth for all creatures in balance.

Star Weather Whale’s DAILY WEATHER provides a guide as to the astrological waters in a way that will support each one’s own highest expression of choice, free will and the opportunity of human transformation.

For Weekly sign astrology. I LOVE Rob Breszny. I want to publicly honor and thank Rob for his lucidly guiding anecdotes, which speak to unspeakable archetypal installments that are truly helpful to wandering souls. My heart and hat goes off to Rob Breszny, whose column is featured here under “weekly astrology.” He’s the best “weekly astrologer.” Thank you Rob.

Find Monthly Astrological updates here at the Star Weather Whale. And we highly recommend reading Lena Steven’s Power Path monthly update at www.thepowerpath.com

Blessed be all beings and may your journey through this time and space be as brilliant as you are. Soul’s blessings!!

Star Weather Whale

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