August 19, 2012 – Relaxing Fun

MOON went into the VOID yesterday at 4:26 pm, pdt, and is still in this VOID between Virgo and Libra! There are no aspects today, so there is very little tension. It is a time to relax and meditate, giving our nervous systems a break from the fast-paced energetic of these times!

MOON enters Libra at 9:45 pm, pdt–entering an intensive working place as it nears MARS and SATURN both in Libra. We are working at collaboration, partnerships and different ways of doing things. (Monday and Tuesday) Today is a day of relaxation as we prepare for a potentially busy week!

May this between-the real-worlds day–be a kind of “day out of time.”¬† May we drink deeply of this Sunday relaxation and peace!

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