September 25, 2021 – Flow Into Graceful Action: Rooting in New Forms

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [12:23 am pdt/ 1:23 am mdt/ 2:23 am cdt/ 3:23 am edt] opens the day with an option to receive a river of grace.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [3:48 am pdt/ 4:48 am mdt/ 5:48 am cdt/ 6:48 am edt/ 11:48 pm in Europe] provides the work for expansion, a small cup cannot receive large grace, this is a cup-widening aspect. May we all allow our cups to grow bigger and overflow.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [6:09 am pdt/ 7:09 mdt/ 8:09 cdt/ 9:09 edt/ 2:09 am Sunday in Europe] continues the river of grace with increased momentum and power. The power comes from soul contact, at its most profound.

This early morning aspect sends the MOON into a VOID between Taurus and Gemini.

MOON is VOID until it enters Gemini at [5:36 pm pdt/ 6:36 pm mdt/ 7:36 pm cdt/ 8:36 pm edt/ 1:36 am late night in Europe] bringing light-heartedness to the waning lunar cycle, as the energy is coasting off the FUll MOon of last Sunday.

In the middle of the VOID: MARS TRINES SATURN [2:50 pm pdt/ 3:50 pm mdt/ 4:50 pm cdt/ 5:50 pm edt/ 10:50 pm in Europe] inviting divinely guided,  ability to root, in a fertile VOID.


September 24, 2021 – Feeling the Revolution

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [9:56 am pdt/ 10:56 am mdt/ 11:56 am cdt/ 12:56 pm edt/ 5:56 pm in Europe] is a place of personal contact wtih the revolutionary aspect. Thursday is a loving revolution, and Friday we let it settle, we can feel this revolution inside.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [1:15 pm pdt/ 2:15 pm mdt/ 3:15 pm cdt/ 4:15 pm edt/ 9:15 pm in Europe] is a test of creativity and receiving. We desire things in the world, but can we receive them when they come?

And can we know we are living in a world that loves us? Can we birth what we came to birth, and love what we came to love, and be what we came to be?

Author’s Note: I am testing sending the next day out the day before, until I change the time it sends in the system’s back side. This is Friday’s blog. May the Source be With YOU!

September 23, 2021 – Inner Revolution

MOON is in the Mysterious VOID when we enter the day.

VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS [2:41 am pdt/ 3:41 am mdt/ 4:41 am cdt/ 5:41 am edt/ 10:41 am in Europe] is a breakthrough, a zap or a revolution of some kind, fueled by our pure desire, our love, our feminine innocent longing. URANUS is in Taurus so the revolution is of the earth.

MOON leaves the mysterious VOID to enter Taurus at [5:38 am pdt/ 6:38 am mdt/ 7:38 am cdt/ 8:38 am edt/ 1:38 pm in europe]

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7:40 pm pdt/ 8:40 pm mdt/ 9:40 pm cdt/ 10:40 pm edt] is a piece of work on systems, structures, the changes needed, and preparing for the winter coming. We are in the changing of seasons.

September 22, 2021 – Fall Equinox, Balancing Magic

MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO [6:12 am pdt/ 7:12 am mdt/ 8:12 am cdt/ 9:12 am edt/ 2:12 pm in Europe] is a corner of work, testing our personal power. Our ability to communicate clearly is a power, and this is a challenge to rise to this work of communicating from a place of power. Deep emotions may feed this aspect. There is always right action to upgrade the experience.

FALL EQUINOX takes place as SUN enters Libra [12:21 pm pdt/ 1:21 pm mdt/ 2:21 pm cdt/ 3:21 pm edt/ 8:21 pm in Europe] The western zodiac is anchored by these seasonal change points.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER  [4:42 pm pdt/ 5:42 pm mdt/ 6:42 pm cdt/ 7:42 pm edt/ 12:42 am late night in Europe] this afternoon brings expansive energy, freeing opening and receiving insights where needed.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:37 pm pdt/ 7:37 pm mdt/ 8:37 pm cdt/ 9:37 pm edt/2:37 am in Europe] joins the MERCURY SQURE PLUTO in a T-SQUARE dynamic that we may feel deeply. This is our work. Our ability to manifest, express and align with our true desires as we prepare for the season ahead.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [7:05 pm pdt/ 8:05 pm mdt/ 9:05 pm cdt/ 10:05 pm edt/ 3:05 am in Europe] Charged communications in this opposition are to handle with care. Our communications are our greatest power to give life, to heal, to transform or to destroy. May we utilize the tool of our mouth with empowered clear intention.

MOON enters the VOID with this opposition. In the VOID between Aries and Taurus, we may dream new beginnings into form. From energy to matter.

Author’s Note: The scheduling part of this blog reader has gone wonky, so I’m practicing writing a day ahead, so you can now go to the calendar, to the right of the blog on the website, and click the day ahead to see the day ahead.

September 21, 2021 – Motivation and Grounding – Balancing in the Fall Equinox

Now almost at the Fall Equinox, [tomorrow afternoon at 12:21 pacific time]. This is the harvest season, transitioning toward the cold winter season, we can prepare for the next cycle that will take us into the cold in many places.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS [4:02 am pdt/ 5:02 am mdt/ 6:02 am cdt/ 7:02 am edt/12:02 am in Europe] is an activator first thing in the morning. (or late at night in Europe).

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [9:43 am pdt/ 10:43 am mdt/ 11:43 am cdt/ 12:43 pm edt/ 5:43 pm in Europe] is a grounding energy. The earth, and our connection to it, can guide is in grace, to the steps needed for our next season, and the phase of time ahead in this winter. The solar energy winding down to its lower energy season.