July 9, 2021 – New Moon Tonight! Death and Rebirth of Power Structures

Today is an interesting day in the larger year. It is the low energy very end of the 8 weeks of eclipses we are just completing. This has been a big purge. Psychologically, emotionally and physically, we are purging density. We are becoming “lighter beings,” as we release denser frequencies through the process of the last two months. (two lunar cycles). Both which had eclipses in them, defining the energy as death and rebirth oriented, purifying of shadow and resetting of life in general.  The angels join us in the release of the dark shadow energies of our past. 

NEW MOON takes place at [6:16 pm pdt/ 7:16 pm mdt/ 8:16 pm cdt/ 9:16 pm edt] tonight. This will be a special Friday Night! A blessed new beginning, quiet and low in the light, at the darkest point of the lunar cycle, the birth of new life, new energy, and a new cycle begins! 

This is a celebration to have traction, to be back in “normal time,” instead of “eclipse time,” though there is still NOTHING NORMAL about this time. This New Moon, though out of the eclipse field, is near to being OPPOSITE PLUTO. So once again we are addressing issues related to our POWER, and the RIGHT USE, or MISUSE of POWER.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO takes place on Saturday morning [at 9:10 am pdt/ 10:10 am mdt/ 11:10 am cdt/ 12:10 am edt] just after being new the night before, with a little space, we then, in the fresh new energy, confront, address and begin anew, to address Power Issues. This can be physical power like electricity, or issues of power and authority, or “who is in control of power resources?

MOON goes VOID at this time, in the opposition with PLUTO.  It is VOID all day, (an odd kind of energy, that is best to relax and renew, with a focus on REBIRTH, mending the net and body, in all ways, rather than doing anything forward oriented). The VOID ends on Saturday, in the evening [5:20 pm pdt/ 6:20 pm mdt/ 7:20 pm cdt/ 8:20 pm edt] when the MOON enters LEO.  This upcoming time, is highlighting the need for our creativity from within to rise up to meet the challenges of today.

  SUNDAY: MOON is in Leo OPPOSITE SATURN and SQUARE URANUS. This highlights our need to address changing systems, and perhaps to “be a part of that change.”

The upcoming FULL MOON is in Aquarius, where Saturn is currently. This Leo Aquarius Full Moon ahead, (in two weeks), calls us to address failing systems in creative ingenious ways.

Author’s Note: I have planned a SOUL SPA (experimental gathering of conscious individuals to share guidance and commune in energetic wisdom)–is scheduled for July 11th, however we will not do it unless we have 10 people, and I am releasing it very last minute, so I am not sure if we will get the word out enough to have 10 people. So we will see.  I will be gently passing the word. I’ll keep you posted here. To receive an invitation to Soul Spa, e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with Soul Spa in the subject.

July 6, 2021 – Last Quarter of 8 weeks of eclipse field. Venus and Saturn in Conversation

This week, through Friday night, is the last week of 8 weeks, of two eclipse lunar cycles. This was and is a very unstable time, where we are revealing, and purifying shadow and lower energy material. (from psyche, emotions, and all forms.). We have a few more days of this clearing energy as this last few days is the final EMPTY of this shadow purge, and clearing of lower vibrations.

Today, SATURN OPPOSES VENUS [7:36 pm pdt/ 8:36 pm mdt/ 9:36 pm cdt/ 10:36 pm edt]
for a full contact and exposure between the feminine and structure/form/discipline/boundaries and the gifts of Saturn.

The MOON is in supportive relationship with both Venus and Saturn, so we are able to “feel our way through,” this opposition, to the important work, and organizing, or completions, or communications that are honored by Saturn’s energy today.

MOON is in light-hearted Gemini through Wednesday night.

MOON enters Cancer Thursday morning [6:51 am pdt/ 7:51 am mdt/ 8:51 am cdt/ 9:51 am edt/ 2:51 pm in Europe] waning down to the very end of the 8 weeks of (two eclipse lunar cycles). The very end of our lower vibe purification cycles.

VENUS SQUARE URANUS on Thursday [12:25 pm pdt/ 1:25 pm mdt/ 2:25 pm cdt/ 3:25 pm edt/ 8:25 pm in Europe] is a piece of work between the sacred feminine and the invisible forces that shape the world behind the scenes. In the deep dark fertile pre-new moon, pre-new-cycle WOMB-TIME, this is a powerful aspect of higher magic, infusing itself into the DARK WOMB period before the NEW MOON on Friday night.

New Moon in Cancer is Friday night at [6:16 pm pdt/ 7:16 pm mdt/ 8:16 pm cdt/ 9:16 pm edt]. This last two cycles have been unstable and with little traction. This next cycle brings us into a place of traction. We are now able to move forward and experience more traction in all that we may choose to do. Blessings in the shifting from the dark waning empty of shadow purge, to the new life of new creation.

SOUL SPA: Though I thought to host a Soul Spa, during the eclipse purge, I have not been able to–as the energy has not supported it! So instead of going against that, I’ve gone with the flow and the Soul Spa will be just after the New Moon, on SUNDAY JULY 11th. Invitations will be sent out today to anyone who e-mailed about it in the last few weeks. Anyone interested in joining the Soul Spa, please e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com with “Soul Spa” in the subject. If you already e-mailed you should receive an invitation today, by tonight.

June 9, 2021 – Dark Moon last day of cycle before New Moon Eclipse

MOON is in gemini today, TRINE SATURN, for some stabilizing grace in the low low energy in the volatile eclipse field.
The solar eclipse takes place late late tonight [3:41 am pdt, early Thursday morning, 4:41 am mst/ 5:41 am cst/ 6:41 am est/ 12:41 pm on Thursday in Europe]

May the death/rebirth of the eclipse fire, be gentle and penetrating in its release of the old, and birth of the new. 

Author’s Note: Hello all, I need to apologize to those who responded for Soul Spa, I tried to quickly put it together in the eclipse field, (not usually a time when things work). The new Soul Spa date is Sunday, June 27th. Anyone who sent a follow up e-mail will receive an invitation to the new Soul Spa Date within the next few days. Bless you all in the “unstable, transformational eclipse field.”

Between Eclipses – Mercury Retrograde

MOON is in Aries today, between two eclipses. This is an extremely volatile time of DEEP CHANGE and CATHARTIC TRANSFORMATION!

These eclipses, with Mercury Retrograde, are really doing some deep clearing work on each one of us! We are releasing all that “is no longer useful,” in our lives, during this time, meanwhile the world is calling us to refocus our attention and to go back to give attention to some of our consciousness of the past, to reweave, rework and review.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is a lighthearted circling of ideas, from the past, a rewiring of our thinking, and an opportunity for magic!

Today is a day with a grounding sextile with Saturn (MOON SEXTILE SATURN) and a harmonious masculine and feminine relationship, (SUN SEXTILE MOON).

Author’s Note: I have been on a covid, end-of-the-world retreat, and am returning to say hello, invite you all to a SOUL SPA this weekend on SUNDAY, and let you know I am still in my cocoon of change, and considering the rhythm of sharing here. If any of you have any thoughts on how you think I should share on Astrology on this site, please let me know.

Azlan, your ally at a crossroads.In the mean time–please join us for SOUL SPA on Sunday, June 6th. (THIS SUNDAY!) Have you been thinking you need a reading? Take a day to nurture your inner knowing and cleanse your field of confusion or doubt. It is an opportunity to hear about the Astrology of NOW, and receive two readings! One from me, and one from an energy worker and old time psychic reader named Alex who lives in Canada. Alex is very special and the two of us will host a live event on Zoom, inviting all of you to join us for a day of readings, Astrology and Energy work just for these times. Please e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com for a registration link.

March 29, 2021 – Following Full Moon, More Catharsis, Flowing into the New

SUN CONJUNCT CHIRON [1:09 am pst/ 2:09 am mdt/ 3:09 am cdt/ 4:09 am edt/ 9:09 am in Europe] lights up the Chiron on our lives, and offers us an opportunity to see clearly our wounds and the responsive healing. We can see our role in the healing of others and we can see our way forward to heal all that ails us.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 pm edt/ 8:01 pm in Europe] is an expansive uplifting energy added to the FULL MOON peaking yesterday, there is a lot UP within us. The light is bright and energies are full and speaking out from within. This aspect provides grace, good luck and good moods, hooray!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [5:08 pm pdt/ 6:08 pm mdt/ 7:08 pm cdt/ 8:08 pm edt/ 2:08 pm in Europe] offers a corner of testing our power. How do we hold ourselves. Are we in our own power? Watch power dynamics today. Notice when you feel empowered and when disempowered. Notice the levers and circumstances around that.  This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID between Libra and Scorpio. 

MERCURY CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [8:24 pm pdt/ 9:24 pm mdt/ 10:24 pm cdt/ 11:24 pm edt/ 4:24 am  on Tues in Europe] brings the sacred element of water full into our psyche. May we let everything in our mind, go and flow and be replaced by fresh thoughts.

MOON enters Scorpio at [10:33 pm pdt/ 11:33 pm mdt/ 12:33 pm cdt/ 1:33 pm edt/ 6:33 am on Tuesday in Europe] bringing a deep focus and power into everything we focus on. Those things that bring us our power, money and stability require our focus of attention, especially when the Moon is in Scorpio. May we fuel what fuels us.