January 27, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Building toward Breakthrough Solution

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [7:36 am pst/ 8:36 am mst/ 9:36 am cst/ 10:36 am est/ 4:36 pm in Europe] is a test of our heart’s longing. What do we want to free ourselves from? What do we truly desire? What needs are unmet? What tests and challenges are calling us to pull forth our creative genius?

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [9:55 am pst/ 10:55 am mst/ 11:55 am cst/ 12:55 pm est/ 6:55 pm in Europe] furthers our testing today. What transformation do we need? What power is offered to us to provide the transformation we need? What are we resisting? What resistance is based in our doubt or fear and not in reality, that we can clear and replace with creative genius?

MOON is VOID the rest of the day, making it a day of completions, redo’s and fix-ups. transitioning between MOON in Cancer and MOON in Leo. The FULL MOON coming, tomorrow, is a light of creative catharsis!

JUPITER comes closest to the SUN today, in the astronomical sky. Tomorrow, from earth’s view, SUN CONJUNCTS JUPITER, and the grace of our creativity can overtake all fears, and all dilemma’s, with the light of creative solutions and openings.

MOON enters Leo at [6:54 pm pst/ 7:54 pm mst/ 8:54 pm cst/ 9:54 pm est/ 3:54 am thurs morn in Europe] bringing in more light. Time to get creative!

May we reach into our hearts and soul’s for the paintbrushes of this solar year. What are we creating? How can we overcome doubts, fears and resistance and leap into our creative confidence, solving our problems with our own creative genius! 

January 26, 2021 – Creative Catharsis Coming

SUN SQUARE URANUS [4:48 am pst/ 5:48 am mst/ 6:48 am cst/ 7:48 am set/ 1:48 pm in Europe] is a corner of potential anxiety. How are we expressing ourselves in the world? And what are the invisible forces at play? How are we dancing and being with the invisible forces at play?

MOON SEXTILE MARS [5:17 am pst/ 6:17 am mst/ 7:17 am cst/ 8:17 am est/ 2:17 pm in Europe] gives us a big energy jolt of action and inspiration, which we can surf all the way to the FULL MOON on Thursday at 11:16 am pst, and beyond.  This is a good day to allow ourselves to receive the inspiration that is meant to be creatively inaugurated into our own lives. There is a call for MORE CREATIVITY with this FULL MOON in LEO coming.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:57 pm pst/ 11:57 pm mst/ 12:57 am late night cst/ 1:57 am late night pst/ 7:57 am Wednesday morn in Europe] brings sweet Divine Intervention if and where we need it. This evening can flow with ease, nourishment and the care of those who most closely channel our creator for us.

This is a supportive day, leading us to tomorrow that may be a more challenging day. Tomorrow, MOON opposes PLUTO and VENUS first thing in the morning. VENUS and PLUTO are coming toward each other for a CONJUNCTION on the FULL MOON Thursday. This points us to a Creative Catharsis for each one. Each one of us is called to the creative force within us, to allow the genius of us to come forward, and transform our fears, doubts and issues, into a Creative Solution.

January 25, 2021 – Ingenuity

We arise into a MOON VOID. MOON is between Gemini and Cancer today.  Void’s are in-between, completion and clean up times.

SUN SEXTILE CHIRON [pre-dawn] sets a healing tone for the day. We are healing ourselves in areas of self expression and acceptance today. Though we may have differences of opinion. We are all here to be little expressions of God, and all are equally God.

MOON enters Cancer [10:52 am pst/ 11:52 am mst/ 12:52 cst/ 1:52 est] into the watery sign of caring for one another.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [11:49 pm pst/ 12:49 am late night mst/ 1:49 am cst/ 2:49 am est late night/ 8:49 am tues morn in Europe] brings a spark of ingenuity for each of us, as we head toward the late night tonight.

FULL MOON is on Thursday this week. The MOON is waxing toward the FULL MOON in Leo. This is a time of rising into our confidence, our joy and our creativity!

The fiery LEO FULL MOON coming, asks us to shake off all the darkness and fill ourselves with the light of inspiration and creative bliss. 

January 21, 2021 – Sweet Awakening like the Scent of incoming Spring, Growing Beyond Politics

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS [12:36 am pst/ 1:36 am mst/ 2:36 am cst/ 3:36 am est] enters the day with fresh awakening, scent, light, and renewal.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [1:08 am pst/ 2:08 am mst/ 3:08 am cst/ 4:08 pm est/ 10:08 pm in Europe] is a spark of inner flame. There is a revolution within. We may feel revolutionary today. Like a fresh sprout just out of its seed, heading for the light.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [2:15 am pst/ 3:15 am mst/ 4:15 am cst/ 5:15 am est/ 11:15 am in Europe] is a way to dance, move and lift ourselves in the face of lots of feelings. There may be lots of feelings going on after our inaugeration day. Its time to auger in our new world, free of political weight. We are beyond politics, we are biological lovers of life, growing.

MOON TRINE VENUS [9:28 pm pst/ 10:28 pm mst/ 11:28 pm cst/ 12:28 am late night est/ 6:28 am in Europe] is a gift at the end of the day. Receptive to the love in life, there is love pouring forth.

May we receive the beauty, the grace, and the love poured out in the ethers.

January 20, 2021 – Revolution, Ascending beyond Division

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [12:29 am pst/ 1:29 am mst/ 2:29 am cst/ 3:29 am est/ 4:29 am est/ 9:29 am in Europe] as we awaken into inaugeration day, there is power work before us. There is a division in power, a divide which expresses as a struggle for beliefs, for political possession of the white house and our country, and where we each may focus our power amidst this great power struggle.

The SATURN/PLUTO/JUPITER dance of 2020 has not ended. This great dance of our expanding our sense of power and reforming our sense of authority, goes on. Today is an important piece of foot work on the dance floor.

MOON is in transition between Aries and Taurus. Our chosen leadership is manifesting into form or trans-forming from thoughts to earth.

MARS CONJUNCT URANUS [12:38 pm pst/ 1:38 pm mst/ 2:38 pm cst/ 3:38 pm est/ 9:38 pm in Europe] is a focal point of REVOLUTION, if we have seen one. These two planets together, action and an invisible catharsis, transformation or shocking discovery, are active today. There is awakening in the air and it is active and alive.

[1:01 pm pst/ 2:01 pm mst/ 3:01 pm cst/ 4:01 pm est/we  10:01 pm in Europe] reveals there is work today. In the growing cycle of power, in the division between what one side or energy may think or believe and what the other may express, we all face the work of living here together. In Sun in Aquarian ideals, we each have to face listening to individual unique lunar incarnations that do not fit our assumptions. The work of this square is the cracking of the seed shell. Cracking open the shells that have hidden us from each other, as we come into the new birth of this spring.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7 pm pst/ 8 pm mst/ 9 pm cst/ 10 pm est/ 4 am in Europe] is a step into the real world. A fresh sprout hits the air, a baby chick exits the warm egg. The next step may require work. There is work in growing and in discovery.

There is work in breaking out of our comfortable seed and heading toward our flower.