January 10, 2022 – Second Quarter Week Ahead, heading toward the Peak of the first cycle of the year

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This Week Ahead is a second quarter moon week. Moon is waxing having just crossed the first quarter on Sunday. FULL MOON is Monday, January 17th in Cancer at [3:48 pm pst/ 4:48 pm mst/ 5:48 pm cst/ 6:48 pm est/ 12:48 am tuesday am in Europe] Its a seed-nurturing Full Moon. How are we nurturing our world at this time, this week, as the fertile light rises toward this nurturing full moon.

Jan 10: Monday this week begins with MOON entering Taurus. This is ultimate seed-planting time. The soil of the new year is underway, being tilled and renewed with our conscious thinking, conscious intending and our new year’s musings. Sun is still in early-year-Capricorn–with the seed-planter hooves.

The Solar year of 2022 is beneath our feet, fertile like freshly turned rich garden soil. What is your garden of 2022 going to look like? This is seed-planting time!

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [11:48 am pst/ 12:48 pm mst/ 1:48 pm cst/ 2:48 pm est/ 8:48 pm in Europe] expands the seed-planting opportunities by many-fold. This is an abundant year! What seeds are you planting in that abundance soil?
SUN SEXTILES NEPTUNE [7:28 pm pst/ 8:28 pm mst/ 9:28 pm cst/ 10:28 pm est] adding early innocent sunlight and water to our creations. This is a powerful flow of energy for our creative endeavors.

Today is a gentle day with an earth trine for grounding and traction in whatever we choose to do this year.

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December 23, 2021 – SATURN SQUARE URANUS: the Revolution of 2022, Changing Every System

MOON is in Leo today carrying the sacred fire of the secret new year.

MOON OPPOSES JUPITER in Aquarius later in the evening, [10:39 pm pst/ 1:39 am late night est] bringing light to the opportunities we have with technology, for a transfer of wealth and expanded consciousness. Tech is hosting some gifts while Jupiter finishes its gifting journey through the New Era Sign.

Though January 1st is the tax year transition, Winter Solstice on December 21st, at zero capricorn, is the transition in the true elemental year, after which point we hit the “bottom,” of the solar year and start to rise in solar light, toward the peak at Summer Solstice. There is early new fresh energy for the year–incoming.

This is the second full day of the New Solar Year which will be the Water Tiger Year after Chinese New Year and 2022 tax year. The eclipse field covers the pre-holiday and holiday season so it is not uncommon for our holiday plans to get “eclipsed,” for one reason or another. Often things we “think,” we are “planning,” can fall away in the intensity and drama of eclipse changes. We are in eclipse [death/rebirth] energy through the next New Moon, initiating the new energy free of the eclipses, on January 2nd.

January 2nd is another moment of new energy and new cycle celebration this year because it is the first New Moon of 2022! The beginning of the First Lunar Cycle in 2022!!

Later tonight, is a landmark day in the New Year, right at the beginning of the New Solar year, defining the year with this SQUARE: SATURN SQUARE URANUS exact today at : [11:17 pm pst/ 12:17 pm mst/ 1:17 am cst/ 2:17 am est/ 8:17 Friday morning in Europe] this square defines the year with system’s changes, the revolutions and shocking conclusions as the old structures die and fall away, while they are replaced with new forms, new technologies and new ways of doing EVERYTHING! Its a consciousness upgrade, an upgrade of boundaries, focus, clarifying why we are here and turning away from all else.

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December 22, 2021 – First Day of the New Solar Year

Woooo Hoooooo! Today is the first day of the new Solar Year! This is a time to honor the life-force that feeds us, from here, the bottom, low point in our cyclical solar creative journey. From the low, early point, at the bottom of the cycle, with awareness, we birth this new year!

MOON TRINE MARS early this morning [2:24 am pst/ 5:24 am est] brings action and inspiration to lead ourselves toward the new world, the new era, and this new year we step one day in!

MOON OPPOSITE SATURN [11:26 am pst/ 2:26 est] challenges us to discipline, time-manage, take small steps, forgive ourselves and others, and refine the systems that are falling apart.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [11:56 am pst/ 2:56 pm est] is a systems leap of faith, walk to the unknown, and honors the revolutionary point in the square between SATURN and URANUS. This larger outer square that describes our current change of systems, is exact on December 23rd. This is an important day to be vigilant, (we are still completing the eclipse lunar cycle until January 2nd) make the shifts called for, and walk with faith, into the new systems, creating, building, taking steps, and being with the community moving into the future.

We’ve entered the mystical doorway of the water tiger year!

May we celebrate with the red faeries, Red Tara, and the breathe of life-force in the new year!

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December 21, 2021 – Happy Winter Solstice! End and Beginning, Crossing the New Solar Year!

Happy Winter Solstice!  TODAY IS the new Solar Year. 2022, (for tax and corporate purposes, begins Jan 1), however the rest of the universe, and all realms of creation that intersect in the physical world, celebrate the crossing of the years TODAY!

SO HAPPY NEW YEAR! from the faeries, elves, gnomes and many other realms of life. Elementals, water, earth, air and fire spirits are singing today, singing in the new year.

This Winter Solstice is happening in the eclipse field, still unwinding this lunar cycle from the New Moon Solar Eclipse, having just crossed the Full Moon the energy is waning. This next year, is still bringing us a collapsing empire, and the ending of the old world. There is volatility and potentially shocking events to come as part of this old world to new world transition we are currently in, in the larger multi-year cycles of our lives.

The exact Winter Solstice Point : [7:59 am pst/ 8:59 am mst/ 9:59 am cst/ 10:59 am est/ 4:59 pm in Europe] marking the SUN’s crossing of zero Capricorn.

Just before that, in the pre-dawn hours, MOON OPPOSED VENUS coming to CONJUNCT PLUTO, so MOON also OPPOSED PLUTO. The conjunction of VENUS to PLUTO for the second time recently will happen on Saturday at [4 am pst/ 7 am est]. This VENUS PLUTO is a powerful catharsis and redo on our deep hearts works and missions in the world.  These Powerful aspects with VENUS and PLUTO sent the MOON into the VOID for the rest of the day in transition between Cancer and Leo, while we transition at the same tine from the old solar year to the new solar year.

MOON enters Leo at [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 am est/ 10:53 pm in Europe], leaving the VOID. Moon in Leo, after the VOID that holds the crossing of the year, is a big Leo Moon. Grrrrrrrrrrrowl in the New Year, New Energy, New Life force, and a New Quality of Year coming. Its a Water Tiger Year coming.

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December 17, 2021 – Completing the Old World to Begin a New One

We are in a subtle rite of passage now in the waning solar year. Just steps away from the movement into a NEW SOLAR YEAR on the WINTER SOLSTICE coming.  These are the last few days of 2021.

MOON is TRINE SATURN today, amplifying the responsible gravity before us–as we walk the steps of this transition from era to era, from modus to modus, from old forms to new forms.

This is the only exact aspect today. The two planets in air: Gemini and Aquarius, activate our curiosity, chattiness, and social stamina! Aquarius will guide our relationships into new community endeavors, where we all go together, to a new world.

In the spirit of this transition and this holiday season:

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