July 28, 2022 – New Moon in Leo ~ Crossing into Leo Season! & MARS CONJUNCT URANUS

SUN entered LEO on July 22nd. Now in the LEO season!

The New Moon in Leo takes place at 10:55 am pdt, Thursday, July 28th. [11:55 am mdt/ 12:55 pm cdt/ 1:55 pm edt/7:55 am on August 2nd, in Europe] Bless this wild freedom-seeking new cycle! We will each be freer and truer to ourselves after this cycle!

This New Moon comes laced with an alchemy of independence, freedom and being our authentic selves in the face of subtle (or not so subtle) compromises we made all along the way in our lives, in our past, which we are releasing, before now and through this MARS-URANUS influence we have this cycle. We will be asked to release the old ties, and admit to ourselves our hidden authenticity. We may have compromised our authentic desires and ways we wouldv’e been, or would’ve done, for our loved ones, for our work, for our society, and social comfort, we have compromised things that are authentic to us! This New Moon, not only carries the bright solar call for each of us to shine like children, for the one month a year, that the SUN is in LEO, we are also called by the Mars Uranus involvement, which adds a layer of freedom, release, breaking the old chains and coming free of the past. We are called to be ourselves, sing, dance and shine like we did when we were kids.

JUPITER STATIONARY RETROGRADE with the Leo New Moon : One of the things that makes this Leo New Moon and cycle so special is the JUPITER STATION on the new moon. This adds the extra energy of  Jupiter’s expansion, to the cycle. The energies of money and abundance are being reviewed. What kinds of treasures, or monies did we leave along side our path, so that as Jupiter Retrogrades we can reclaim these treasures from the past?

With the added MARS URANUS CONJUNCTION, exact on August 1st, there is pure life-force and pure electricity joining to be a force of authentic lit up zapp of electrical charge to each of us as battery. We will be charged, zapped, awakened, on August 1st and 2nd as MARS, connected to our personal will and the place from which we take action, and URANUS, the invisible forces in life that know the truth, and want us to be TRULY FREE–come together. We can’t lie to the invisible world. The MARS-URANUS CONJUNCTION asks us to be authentic! It asks us to release all that we compromised of ourselves, it asks us to come clean, at least with ourselves, on WHAT WE TRULY DESIRE.

This month of August invites us to Love what we Love and free ourselves from what is not of us. We are freeing ourselves! Hallelujah! Uranus with Mars in influence all month, with the Nodal pathway, asks us to let go of all that we did not come here to do, and to pay attention to what we did come here to do! It asks us to focus our actions on what we came here to do. Freeing ourselves of all else.

This lunar month will challenge anything inauthentic and free all the bad en-cage-ments we may each be releasing of various all different kinds.

The house where you have Taurus will give you insight into where you are freeing yourself in your life most. And where the shocking chain-breaking-changes and actions are needed and wanted.


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June 3rd & 4th – Alchemy of Saturn and Mercury (Mercury DIRECT and Saturn RETROGRADE!)

Mercury goes stationary DIRECT late Thurs night/ early Friday am at [1:00 am pdt/ 2:00 am mdt/ 3:00 am cdt/ 4:00 am edt] at 26 degres of Taurus, the degree it retrograded all the way back to. This ends phase two, of the whole 9 week alchemy and begins phase three. UNWINDING from MERCURY RETROGRADE, which we will be in this phase until June 19th, when we will exit the whole MERCURY RETOGRADE ALCHEMY for this cycle, and can reflect upon “what was that whole magic?” 

Were our minds altered changed or revised in an area? Did we become more ourselves, more outspoken, or review our throat chakra? Did we question our own communications style and wonder if we might need an upgrade? This is communications, mercury retrograde MAGIC! Are we revising our whole business or plan? We are in sync then! And surfing the magic of MERCURY RETROGRADE!

Mercury first entered this 9 week MERCURY alchemy, on April 27th, when it crossed 26 degrees of Taurus. . . . going all the way to 4 degrees of Gemini, on May 10th, where it stationed to go RETROGRADE, it has been retrograde officially since May 10th. though the “shadow of Mercury Retrograde,” began on April 27th, through May 10th.

To add to the alchmey, SATURN is SLOWING DOWN, and we may feel this pressure of Saturn’s slow. It asks us to tighten, to allow saturn to push against us with a tightening for re-alignment. It goes STATIONARY RETROGRADE on Saturday June 4th at 2:47 pm pdt.

Saturn will be retrograde until October 29th. This retrograde initiates a deeper part of the summer season, as the world of work, and business, re-evaluates how systems are done, to upgrade, and redo what needs upgrading.

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Week of Monday, May 23–Sunday, May 29th – Final week in Eclipse Transformation Month

This is the final week of the transformational month of May, framed by the lunar cycle of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. Those two eclipses at the beginning and peak of the cycle, frame the transformation taking place.

Usually these shifts bring up all kinds of anxiety and insecurity as what we rely on, or trusted, or thought was solid, shakes and quakes.

This month has dissolved the way we were misusing our power, tested our ego-selves and is now unfolding the much needed death and destruction of the old. Whatever was not the highest, not the clearest, not meant to be, was inhibiting us, shadows, fears, blocks in relationships and power problems, were exploded, dug up, and frizzled and fried to the surface. The shadow erupts, things can look darker, and there is a need for vigilance and patience while we traverse the final week of the eclipse shift shake-up month!

JUPITER IN ARIES arrives like a pheonix in the ashes of the dying old world of powers. Jupiter in Aries is expanding our consciousness into new areas. New opportunities, new businesses, new ways of doing things are emerging even as the eclipse cycle wanes, and the energy of death looms nearby facing every inappropriate energy and flushing it away. As this sweeping away completes in this last week of May; we are elevating ourselves to a whole new level of productivity, and the way we do things in the world is change change a changing!

MERCURY RETROGRADING TRINE PLUTO RETROGRADING on Wednesday in the middle of the week is a day of recognizing the POWER OF THE WORD. Our mouth, thoughts, and words are one of the powers we have in this world. With Mercury Retrograde, there is a digging into the past in some way. Our mind patterns can upgrade–we could have a quantum leap in how we do things, by letting go of the old and allowing new ways in. Our mind is powerful this week. This power is here for us, as the final death and clearing of the old for the eclipse transformational cycle, unfolds to the bottom. Our words are here for us. Our communications is a powerful tool this week. May we use it to complete and to transform, honoring the new energies streaming in for us.

VENUS SEXTILES SATURN on Tuesday and SQUARE’s PLUTO on Thursday and our Creativity is another tool in the fires of transformation. Tuesday: There is creativity this week in our restructuring and allowing the death of the old. Thursday: We are allowing the death of the old holds on our heart. What has kept us from loving more, and from doing what we came here to do?

The week builds in energy, even as the moon wanes down to the dark quiet end of the lunar cycle, Mars and Jupiter come closer and closer all week until they CONJUNCT on SUNDAY! MARS CONJUNCTS JUPITER at 3:31 am pdt Sunday morning. This is an opportunity to take action on our biggest dreams. Its still the unfolding end of an eclipse month, so we still must be vigilant, however the ideas and brainstorms coming in now may be powerful and ready for us to take action on them in the new Cycle, that begins on May 31st. Abundance will follow the insights that come this week.

AUTHOR’s NOTE: Wooowee is it a time of change! So much changing I can hardly keep up! These times of online business require re-evaluation also of which systems, and which ways of holding space and sharing this Astrological Wisdom I have collected over 30 years. I have been fumbling around the online business world, to find the way that I can share with all of you.

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Week of May 2 – May 8, 2022 – SUN-URANUS – Awakening and Freeing

This week we are traveling in eclipse energy. Today–Wednesday is the first day out of the tight right of eclipse influence, which encompasses especially “10 days before and 3 days after any eclipse.” So Wednesdaytoday is the one pop out day that is between 3 days after the solar eclipse and 10 days before the lunar eclipse, which we enter on Thursday! That means today–Wednesday–is the most stable day of this month. The rest of the month is volatile with tons of changes, little changes ongoing because of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, beliefs, thoughts, schedules, last minute changes, as well as the deep cathartic death/birth changes of the ecilpses. This Thursday, we start the upward energy travel, toward a peak of catharsis at the Full Moon Eclipse coming.

Saturday, April 30th was the NEW MOON partial SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus. We are examining and re-examining how we work with money and power in our lives. The energy is building each day, toward the FULL MOON ECILPSE in Scorpio on May 15th.

This cycle, SUN CONJUNCTS URANUS between Wednesday and Thursday. In the crossing between these days, there is a highlight of our awakening this year. The revolution, upgrade and consciousness expansion that we have this week and this year, is being lit up by the SUN, for full view.

What are we freeing ourselves from? What are we letting go of because it held us in places that are not truly free? What is real freedom for us? How do we release the strings, holds and attachments that held us to an old identity, old behaviors or old thoughts and beliefs?

We are in a revolution in thinking, and a potential for upgrading our beliefs.

In the Shadow of MERCURY RETROGRADE our mind is more fluid and flexible than usual and we have the ability to change beliefs more easily.

The aspects of this week, while highlighting total transformation, Death and Rebirth, also ask us to use our genius and creativity to weave an upgraded space of being. We are rising in frequency and it requires upgraded views, beliefs and creative responses to aim from the old world to the new world and our roll in it.

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Apr 25, 2022- This Week: Dark to New Moon, Venus with Neptune, Pluto Stations to go Retrograde, Partial Eclipse Saturday, then Beltane!

Author’s Note:
Here we go weekly: I’m trying different things here, to see what works. Time is just moving too fast for the daily blog, I discovered. After I tried to re-institute it, I found time moved to fast for me to get the dailies anymore! I’m testing this weekly blog out now–let me know what you think–especially if its helpful!
. . . . . . . . .

Week of April 25-May 1st – Relationship cycle closing. Waning Dark to New Moon.
This is a waning moon week at the end of the lunar cycle that peaked with a FULL MOON in Libra. Now it wanes down to the dark. This cycle erupted the area of relationships, brought all the polarities and issues up into the light and wow can that be drama with people and relationships! Now it wanes down to a more quiet place of completing the learnings of the cycle. We are upgrading relationships as we complete our lessons of this lunar cycle.

There is a flow of venus energy in the week, as personal love merges with higher love and there is divine sprinkling over our relationship stories of the lunar cycle of F. M. Libra.  There is higher purpose in everything. This is a week to allow higher purpose to come into completions and shifts.

DARK MOON is Friday, April 29th, on the day PLUTO STATIONS to go RETROGRADE, while the MOON is SQUARING it, asking us to feel deeply the changes underway. The shadow may rise up, its release time, at the end of the cycle, letting go of the old, allowing things to transform, and releasing, releasing releasing. Anything that arises that is not chosen, or wanted: release, release Release.

NEW MOON in TAURUS beginning the next lunar cycle is Saturday April 30th. The NEW MOON takes place [at 1:28 pm pdt/ 2:28 pm mdt/ 3:28 pm cdt/ 4:28 pm edt] This New Moon is a PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. exact time is just a little after New Moon, at [1:41 pm pdt]. Though its not a FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE, so not as potent or dangerous, it is still full of change and coming with a need for attention and vigilance.

It can be important to be more care-filled in our dealings during a week that comes before a Solar Eclipse, even when partial.

BELTANE on May 1st is just after the Solar Eclipse. In this way, the mythical Beltane of relationship rebirth could be eclipsed. The covid window of death may seep into another year, yet our power to transform, heal soulfully and connect via a divine network of knowing, is heightened.

The window of care is 10 days before and 3 days after, an eclipse [this partial eclipse on April 30th] handle with care and look to the divine plan.

This is a powerful week of completions, laced with the energy of divine transformation. Especially in the area of relationships.

Author’s Note Two:
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May this week be filled with the divine syncronicity of sacred completions and rebirths of new partnerships.