The Best Reading You’ve Ever Had

The “Best Reading You’ve Ever Had,” is a reading that is designed to transform your state of being from one of perhaps anxiety, questions, concerns, worry, or indecision, about “things going on,” into Peace and Understanding.

It is the job of the “best reading you’ve ever had,” to support you in re-confirming your psychic spiritual immune system, clarity and intention, within the sphere of your life.It is also our job to reflect back to you a supportive mirror that allows you to see your own inner guidance more clearly, and to imagine a few different ways to solve or create small miracles for current issues. Here are some sensations that clients describe after a “best reading you’ve ever had: “ . . . a feeling of deep peace, understanding purpose and path, the “clearing of the way,” inspiration, clarification, and relaxation in all worrisome areas.

Whatever issues, concerns, or dilemma’s are before you, are tended to with utmost care, like the mystic and the frog have a conversation, so too–do we. We invoke miracle-consciousness, and understanding where needed, while grounding in practical details. All this, against the backdrop of your “soul’s journey directive,” and some of your treasure map locations. There has rarely been a reading in this tradition that was not 1. an accurate and helpful perspective, 2.clarifying focus and actions & 3. Strength-building.

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