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cave-2604672_640Readings with Azlan

Readings with Azlan, are casual and yet carry the often formal intention of a prayer, or a space where “two or more are gathered in your name.” The whole reading is intended to be like a time of prayer for you, your life and your changing paths, from where you are now, to where you desire, and long, deeply and authentically to be.  Your star map is like a treasure map in the way it is used during your session.

In your reading, Azlan will work with you and the mythic forces within your life to reveal the places of power that are within you. You know these places, and they are touched uniquely by “forces of nature,” every day. You and those forces are one.Archetypal energies are alive! Shhhhhhhhh. Whooosh, from within. mythic and real.

We create with our own consciousness! We will work together to clarify, connect and recreate your “fabric of life,” as you envision it, bridging the gap between what you truly desire and what you see in front of you.

In a reading, you can ask as many specific life questions as you wish: yes: about, love, money, relationship and anything else–especially the ones that burden you with worry–these are good to “get out of your way,”–by clarifying them, with a nine-card spread, which I send you in a photograph, for each question, as we do the reading.

In allyship with the forces of nature, there is no way to fail. Life is a beautiful journey of experiential co-creative learning! I’m here as a “technician,” to your star-map–simply to be your “divine sacred secretary,” to your secret energies.

Thanks to Jennifer Esperanza for her photographic genius in capturing authenticity.

“Its like a sacred conversation with your invisible self.”
–regular client (prefers to be annonymous)

“When we reconnect through the stars: to our own stories–seeing and being seen–our intelligent access to wisdom and understanding, and therefore peace on the journey is multiplied!”
Happy Client Eva

Knowing these intimate personal changes is priceless to the journey. Your reading will give you a language through which to commune with these vital, elemental energies of creation. It will gift you with the opportunity of drinking deeply from an endless cup of mythic spirit-understanding-water.
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Astrology Apprenticeship ~

We had an active Astrology School and Apprenticeship while we lived in Boulder, Colorado for a year, in 2015. It died in the chaos of moving the wolf pack. Now re-stabilizing, after all that change, . . . the ASTROLOGY SCHOOL is REBUILDING! Yahooooooo! Woooo HOOOO!

THE NEW RELOCATED ASTROLOGY SCHOOL is now being built! WooHoo! ONLINE. This NEW Astrology School will have TONS of online resources for you to access!

Would You like to learn to give effective powerful readings in your own style?
. . . Would you like to get started RIGHT AWAY?
if you are interested in a deeper more disciplined practicing apprenticeship: you can contact Azlan here to design something specifically for you. (you are welcome to use the form below).

In your specialized apprenticeship, we can take as much or as little time as you like, learning your way, and your style. Designing your way of structuring your professional learning, and your way of paying.

Especially–If you’ve been researching a long time on your own, expect to: Give Your First Paid Reading in 6 months! (or less if you choose). The method taught by Azlan, distilled over her 30 years of learning, observing and extreme practice, she has designed a simple way of knowing and reading for others, so that you are helping others on their path, authentically and with real wisdom. You can learn this simple way in a short time to be effective for your clients.

If you are looking for a new financially viable way to make income –a “true-to-you,” Responsible Astrology Practice, might be the path toward a more soul-based life and a healthier income!

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