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Readings with Azlan

When we allow the uniqueness of our own stories and mythic gifts to be seen by our selves and others, our own true nature powers us to shine into our gifts more fully.

Thanks to Jennifer Esperanza for her photographic genius in capturing authenticity.

In your reading, Azlan will work with you and the mythic forces within your life to reveal the deeper secrets and hidden potentialities you may have yet to realize — secrets that have been hidden all along like treasure chests, just waiting for you to open the lid. She also will support you in unveiling and removing the obstacles that have obscured your true nature and ability to validate and fulfill your purpose.

Archetypal energies are alive, mythic and real. We imagine, dream, experience, and create with them every day. They live in the moments between our thoughts. Azlan will bring her deep understanding of these energies to your reading, supporting you to see the transformations possible and the wisdom available in collaborating with these cycles of energy, as the movement of planets in the now make geometric contact with the planets in the positions they were in at our birth.

Knowing these intimate personal changes is priceless to the journey. Your reading will give you a language through which to commune with these vital, elemental energies of creation. It will gift you with the opportunity of drinking deeply from an endless cup of mythic spirit-understanding-water.

We can create our own kind of abundance in our lives with hard work on completing our long-term work--in the next few months!
We can create our own kind of abundance in our lives with hard work on completing our long-term goals–in the next few months!

Astrology Apprenticeship ~ We are providing a super-opportunity for a maximum of 20 new Astrologers, into a private Apprenticing Program ~ private practice direct coaching and ongoing support.

If you would like to give readings to your own clients, friends and neighbors,

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