2011-2016 Shift Portal

The MOON came to me last night with a sweet question.  She said, the SUN has been my faithful lover for millions of years.  Whenever i offer my body to him, Brilliant light pours from His heart.  Thousands then notice my happiness; And delight in pointing toward my beauty.  Hafiz–Is it true that our destiny is to turn into light itself?

JULY 26, 2011 was the beginning of the Mayan New Year, called, “White Rythmic Wizard.”  As a “reader” of archetypes, i love ALL ARCHETYPES, from all systems.  I like to notice how all good systems will say the same things for the same times.  So as we came into the Mayan New Year, this year, knowing that we are in what the Mayans describe as the changing over of a 26,000 year grand cycle of human evolution.  We are at a completion and “new beginning” point, like a 26,000 year GIANT NEW MOON of human civilization.  This is a 5 year New Moon of Civilization. Five Years to balance masculine and feminine, come into sustainable alignment with earth, and awaken to a whole new consciousness.

For me, as an astrologer, this is “quite” an event.  26,000 year cycle change-overs don’t pop into my awareness that often. I mostly follow a 28 day cycle and beyond that the yearly 360 day cycle of the Sun around the wheel.  26,000 years is a really GRAND CYCLE SHIFT, that i can hardly expect my small mind to understand!

There was a crop circle that emerged around the Mayan New Year of 2011 that revealed a potency window in 18 lunar cycles, (a transmission i received from it). It spoke to me of an intensified “portal of human transformation,” which we were approaching, of 18 lunar cycles. Since we were entering a “White Rythmic Wizard” year, this had me thinking about the magic of the lunar cycle, already. As a Tarot person, i began to journey through those 18 lunar cycles with the Tarot. As i revise this 15 months later, I’ve walked cycle by cycle from FOOL through DEVIL. Now in October, 2012, I find myself in the middle of the DEVIL cycle. Next is the TOWER, lining up with the Eclipses of November, 2012. There is even more change coming!

This window of 18 lunar cycles which are a part of a giant portal of time, in which humanity as a whole, as well as each of us on an individual level, as well as many of us in group situations, are being taken through a “journey of initiation and transformation,” covering the time of 2011-2016, with intensified portals within portals of awakening over these years. I’ve focused in on an archetypal journey through the 18 months from July 26, 2011 through the journey of the 22 archetypes of the Tarot through lunar cycles, including the first 18 (as i felt instructed by the transmission of the before-mentioned crop circle). For me this crop circle had intelligence and a transmission in it.

The beginning of the portal, as i see it, was on the New Moon, just following the Mayan New Year.  This “opening portal” New Moon was on July 30th, 2011 in the Western zodiacal sign of Leo, the Lion. This initiation will command courage and strength from all of us on a core level.

Since my favorite system to track a human archetypal system is through the Kaballistic Tarot, i am tracking this 18 lunar cycle-(and beyond) journey of the tarot.  So, the first lunar cycle, New Moon in Leo, was the first step in our initiation, the step of the FOOL, off the “cliff”. We are all “fools” in that we truly cannot see where we are going on this initiation of (2011-2016).  Many people have many ideas and there are many stories, but truly, none of us can see “exactly what will happen or exactly how!”  This is an exciting adventure!  In the FOOL, we will either allow ourselves to submit to the “terror of freefalling into the unknown,” or we will climb onto the surfboard of the excitement of “surfing the unknown.”  The lesson of the FOOL and of the FIRST LUNAR CYCLE OF OUR 18 MONTH INITIATION, is – its nicer to surf the edge of excitement at the “unknown,” and our creative capacity between ourselves and “God/ess,” than it is to fall under the tow of the “terror of falling into the unknown,” which can be quite alluring to the psyche, like a bad tv show from the past. I will be posting the individual lunar cycle and tarot archetypal essays on this Lunar-Cycle-Timed-Tarot journey at: www.oracletheatre.com.

When we look above at that crop circle–we notice the circles in the middle. We were in the midst of a big SUN-VENUS-MERCURY conjunction, which preceded the 100 year transit of VENUS across the SUN, in its retrograde-cycle-making star pattern, revealing FIVE points, just as there are FIVE years to this URANUS SQUARE PLUTO let human awakening, focusing in 2012-2015.   This Five energy is a clue that the shift we are undergoing is a VENUS shift, toward a more Venusian way of being on the earth. Planet VENUS, our Planet of Love and the Five Pointed Star Cycle in our sky, is a guide for us in this awakening portal of shift.

SEVEN BEATS – THE DRUMS of CHANGE! 2012-2015! URANUS SQUARE PLUTO!  In December 2011, three Astrologers came together, each with a deep journey of astrology in our own unique way. The three astrologers were Heather Roan Robbins, author of StarCodes in the Pasatiempo in Santa Fe, now living in the northwest. Arielle Guttmann, the orginal founder of the Santa Fe Astrology Forum, and the author of the new book on this Venus Cycle and its importance to this time, “Venus Star Rising,” currently residing in Santa Fe, and Azlan White, author of StarWeatherWhale,. We three came together to shine a flashlight into this five pointed star of magic coming our way. Arielle arose with a dream on the morning of our talk in December 2011. In the dream the ancestors came to her and spoke of “Seven Beats of the Drums of Change,” that were coming. We are asked to “Beat the Drums of Change,” in our own way–by our own ancestors.

URANUS will SQUARE PLUTO SEVEN TIMES: Beginning June 28, 2012 through 2015! We call this “Seven beats, the drums of change!”
Here are the dates:

June 24th, 2012
September 19th, 2012
May 21, 2013
November 1, 2013
April 22, 2014
December 15, 2014
March 17, 2015
This Square between Uranus and Pluto will create both inner and outer changes for four years that will drastically alter the inner and outer fabric of our lives over time!



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