December 5, 2018 – Big Surf Neptune, Contact with Mercury in Shifto Alchemy

Today MOON is conjunct MERCURY [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 pm est] in the afternoon, in the deep water Scorpio. Retrograding, is like going back and cleaning, forgiving, letting go of things we attached to back then, and moving back through without attachment–that would be a good practice for this energy passage.

Mercury is about to go DIRECT, tomorrow in the afternoon at 1:22 pm pst. During this “slowing down,” time, it slows down to make the shift in direction. Tomorrow this direct motion, often has the alchemical hard to exactly pinpoint, but a feeling that we have been somehow “held up from really moving forward,” and all the sudden the invisible glove seemingly “holding on,” unwinds, lets go, and forward motion is restored after a long circular motion or backward movement. This is a linear way of saying it, or talking about it, truly its less linear and more alchemical than words can describe, however there is a shifting going on today and tomorrow and the next day that is a big shift in direction.

MOOON goes VOID at [1:53 pm pst/ 2:53 pm mst/ 3:53 pm cst/ 4:53 pm est] for some hours until the evening. This afternoon VOID on a hump day–is a great time for an afternoon walk in nature, or a jump into hot water in the middle of the day–like a hot-spring in the sunshine. (this would also meet health-fully with the NEPTUNE SQUARE SUN.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE [2:22 pm pst/ 3:22 pm mst/ 4:22 pm cst/ 5:22 pm est] is the kind of work that is like surfing on a day where the waves are very big. The wave is very big and very real and we are surfing it. May your experience of surfing be sunny and warm, while you ride upon the cold water on something that is under your feet, moving in sync with you, while you cross the big wave, whatever that is for you!

MOON enters Sagittarius from the big wave VOID at [6:49 pm pst/ 7:49 pm mst/ 8:49 pm cst/ 9:49 pm est] this motion into fire from deep water is an elevation in spirit. It is like santa claus arriving inside of us this evening. HO Ho ho! May we all have presents for everyone like he does.

All traditions have beautiful rituals and passages during this time. For most of them, there are rites of letting go of our mistakes, asking for forgiveness, surveying our landscape for areas to forgive and ask for forgiveness. This is a time of “looking for holes,” and mending the web of our life. May our journey of mending be sweet. May the mercury alchemy and the big wave of neptune today be part of our beautiful experience in the living of our life. Existence in form is a miraculous thing. May our body suits be strong and vital–alive and prepared for the changes as they will keep coming.
. . . . . .

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December 4, 2018 – Waning Moon with Magical Links

MOON is in deep Scorpio.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:43 am pst/ 3:43 am mst/ 4:43 am cst/ 5:43 am est] is a responsible link. The authority inside is wise today–we have all the authority we need inside to change everything that needs to be changed, from the power of our own core knowing.

MOON TRINE MARS [9:24 am pst/ 10:24 am mst/ 11:24 am cst/ 12:24 pm est] is good action from the depths. From our core, and our knowing, we can take small actions that make big impact now or later.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [12:46 pm pst/ 1:46 pm mst/ 2:46 pm cst/ 3:46 pm est] flows with the flow. Today is a go with the flow day, where the flow is supporting us in the direction we are wanting to go. Hallelujah!

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [11:50 pm pst/ 12:50 am late night mst/ 1:50 am late night cst/. . ] is more power in the day–especially in the evening–power–rooting in the cave time of year.

. . . .

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December 3, 2018 – Going deeper theme continues into healing places

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [10:16 am pst/ 11:16 am mst/ 12:16 pm cst/ 1:16 est] is a personal revolution just before going deeper. We are revolutionizing ourselves in this death rebirth time.

MOON enters deepwater Scorpio–joining Venus and Mercury in there. Scorpio can be deep and dark this time of year, like underneath the snow, the fertile alchemizing soil. Mercury and Venus add some light-hearted creative fun to this year’s underworld journey before the new year.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS in the depths [1:05 pm pst/ 2:05 pm mst/ 3:05 pm cst/ 4:05 pm est] is a sweet harmonic beauty moment in the depths of underworld travelling. Deep places can be very beautiful. Sadness can turn to deep beautiful heart, fear can turn to courage, and shame can turn to compassion. These cave time processes are transformations of the scorpio realm.

MERCURY TRINE CHIRON [9:47 pm pst/ 10:47 pm mst/ 11:47 pm cst/ 12:47 am est] reminds us that communications can be healing. Seeing others from the past, returns of all kinds can be there to touch us in healing and beautiful ways, even in this cave time! Mercury Retrograde, linked with the alchemical healer is magical! Syncronicities abound!
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: I’m in Santa Fe, heading back to the rocky mountains soon to visit my mom–for the first time since the wolves entred. My mom did not like my “roll with the wolves,” or approve of it, so I haven’t seen her, and years later, maybe like with a lot of parents and kids when the kid does something outside of their range, eventually they realize, “its not a passing fad,” and they start to accept it as part of the story–and not like some thing that is wrong. In the time of planning the timing back and forth, I feel like I have my original mother back. (instead of the one that just thought I was wrong). I’m so happy about this! May we all have relational upgrades like this.  Other than my actual travel day–I’m still doing readings. you can schedule at above link, or e-mail me:

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December 2, 2018 – Going even Deeper

Here in the end of the year, in the deep cave time of percolating what will come next–in this new year–VENUS moves into Scorpio–heading to catch up with the SUN from her retrograde motion. She’s joining Mercury in Scorpio to dig into our deepest most powerful emotional caverns of knowing.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [12:31 am pst/ 1:31 am mst/ 2:31 am cst/ 3:31 am est] is a kiss between the lights. Masculine and Feminine in harmony.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [2:15 am pst/ 3:15 am mst/ 4:15 am cst/ 5:15 am est] is a communications awkwardness. Its all possible–but we can’t touch it or see it, and this can bother the mind. This aspect asks us to “go past the current limitations of the current mind,” for best integration.

VENUS enters deep water Scorpio [9:02 am pst/ 10:02 am mst/ 11:02 am cst/ 12:02 pm est]

SUN SQUARE MARS [4:34 pm pst/ 5:34 pm mst/ 6:34 pm cst/ 7:34 pm est] is a masculine corner. Action? maybe not. Its the end of the year–time to work together, take deep breaths, pause and then make plans to take action. This is the waning solar and waning lunar time of year. This is a good time for CLEANING! actions that are clearing then rest, and nourishing our deepest parts of being. This can be a good Chi Kung session.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [5:29 pm pst/ 6:29 pm mst/ 7:29 pm cst/ 8:29 pm est] is a corner of transformation. We are deep in the cave. There are parts of self and others that are from all ages and stages and lifetimes, that are looking up for embrace, nourishment and release. Can we be with “all that calls,” and release it, love it, and make ourselves more whole and integrated. We can and this is the season.

. . . . . .

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December 1, 2018 – going deeper

MERCURY is retrograding back into Scorpio today, into the deepest recesses that may need gifting, loving or clearing. [3:12 am pst/ 4:12 am mst/ 5:12 am cst/ 6:12 am est] this deep digging mental part of self has a shovel and access to the deepest smelliest oldest shit in our lives.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [6:34 am pst/ 7:34 am mst/ 8:34 am cst/ 9:34 am est] like in life, the smelliest, oldest, most yucchi looking or feeling stuff–can actually have real nourishment in it, like compost has for soil, after all our old dead food rots together for a few months, its really nourishing to the soil.

MOON enters Libra [6:49 am pst/ 7:49 am mst/ 8:49 am cst/ 9:49 am est] Just like compost, relationsips (sips and ships with others) sometimes need to sour over like compost, rotting together with their dysfunctions and moldy parts touching each other, until they become nourishing for community.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [3:56 pm pst/ 4:56 pm mst/ 5:56 pm cst/ 6:56 pm est] is an expansion. So after the moldy yucchi parts are together, melting together for awhile, they become “nutrient rich soil,” for something else to grow. The new seeds feel this nutritious soil as a soft rich home for their new life. This is an expansive state of reaching toward the new lit up pathways.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [8:44 pm pst/ 9:44 pm mst/ 10:44 pm cst/ 11:44 pm est] is a corner of home to worldly work.

This waning moon libra work is like composting. It is the end of the solar year and the end of this lunar cycle, coming down, into the dark pre-birth cauldron of the new year coming. May your dark quiet inner cauldron for the new year coming, be percolating, warm and nutritious.
. . . .
Author’s Note: 
I drove eight hours to attend this wolf meeting in Durango–woah I’m still recovering from all that time–I think i was awake most of the night to drive home. Its too much to go into here–as far as the content of the meeting–about re-releasing wolves into colorado or western united states as a possibility. I stopped to look for Magnolia in the area where I think she may be. I feel she is around, but does not want to leave her den forever, or make a big radical shift from her now nature home to our human car and life. I believe she wants us to move to that area so she can make a graceful transition between her den and our world–touching both. I believe that is what they all want, and what we want for them. To allow them to be a part of the natural fabric of life that is theirs, and to protect them inside of a perimeter fence, or in an area that is safe for them–caring for them and answering their questions, like : “why can’t we run around the whole area and look around? . . . . why do those people look at us and then chase us like that? . . . . why can’t we be in this forest ? . . . . . I want this for all animals, and especially for my intimate family of wolf creatures. . . . Its the end of the year. The new year of astrological cycles is percolating. The new year is a seedling in our belly. I will share with you as I have things ready. (no more making promises in advance on timing), as “sxxx happens.” especially with wolves around. But the Treasure Map is coming. Its been a long time coming.  This one has been emerging for a very long time, interrupted by the wolf pack, yet deepening, growing in the womb of treasure places. Stay tuned!

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