June 23, 2017 – NEW MOON NIGHT in JUNE

sky-690293_1280Most of today we are still in the last days of the old lunar cycle. The MOON still waning, down to the very very bottom. The final let go of the last lunar cycle. Outbreath.

This evening [7:31 pm pdt/ 8:31 pm mdt/ 9:31 pm cdt/ 10:31 pm edt] the MOON is NEW in Cancer. The sign of Cancer is in a Cardinal cross right now involving Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. There is a lot of outer planet support to this new moon to “get started,” get going, and do the new thing we’ve been meaning to do. If we didn’t already start, its time to get started! There is work involved, transformation and risk, even shocking decisions that change the way we focus our energy and daily tasks.

The Cancer New Moon touches Mercury and Mars right away, revealing a highly productive active lunar cycle! Moving through any frustration this cycle involves healthy communication and healthy action. We are called into movement! Action!

sky-173742_1280This is the last lunar cycle before we enter an Eclipse field. Right and good actions in this cycle, will prepare us to have a more graceful time in the eclipse shake-up rearrangement time! Already we are entering this highly volatile portal of the eclipses in August. The month before, the lunar cycle before, we begin to enter the intensive portal of eclipse change.  Our inner calls are starting to shout, the needs of our individual path and soulwork will be calling us.

These eclipses (coming) are about “shaking us” out of wrong relationships and wrong communities, wrong jobs and wrong configurations of people. We are heading toward being in “right relationship,” right community and right configuration for our future. We are in a giant shift over the last few years and still shifting. We are asked to “shake it all up,” where it isn’t working and “shake it out,” to what is more solid, what is left after the shake up?  This cycle is a preparation to shake it! Shake it! Clear the space of truth before you and “shake it!”

We are beginning to shake ourselves into right place,mothers-day-2290421_1280right time, right space. If we aren’t already there–we are going there.

his NEW MOON–the Cancer New Moon of the year, calls forth our inner mother.
Nurture, water, tender hearted care of self and others. Its time to nurture our home-space! If we are not in the right home space, this is a cycle to move to a more appropriate spot, before the shake ups come more fully!

This weekend is a power-new-moon-weekend! May we invite new energies in, let old energies go, and let the Great Mother guide us to upgrade our home situation. HAPPY NEW MOON!crescent-moon-234811_1280

June 9, 2017 – FULL MOON in Sagittarius – arrows pointing up!

animal-1853544_640. . .Anyone who ever needed a transformation, transfiguration, leap of faith, miracle, or high-minded upgrade, this is IT, it is TIME, set your sights for the stars, intentions, and visions that spiral you up the next level–this is a spiral up intention seeing time. THIS FULL MOON – Today! 

We are all grateful to see this!! . .  as ‘tis the season for us to, ‘to spiral up wayne!’

-Author’s Note:
I’m so grateful myself to see this “spiral up time,” approaching! I’ve been under much chaos, challenging my consistency and presence as a professional Astrologer! Having practiced AstrologyIMG_0121professionally for over 20 years, this area is my back of hand passionate comfort zone.

The wolves, lift me out of comfort zone and into chaos, (beloved, agreed to, welcomed chaos, loved and with love) so my mastery has been managing the mastery of Astrology WHILE tending to chaos-loving-creatures, though healthy and alive, full of delightful chaos! I’m grateful to be writing this FULL MOON blog with all of you. Its my great and ancient love, this wisdom, and its ancient star-light-filled-pathways.

leader-1969801_640This FULL MOON, in Jupiter’s sign, is with a JUPITER STATIONING to go DIRECT at almost the same time! . . . So all those “snafu’s” of the last week that felt like “Mercury Retrograde Blips that were mess-ups,” were leading us to abundance in just that area . . . . that is the area of retrograde to direct, direction changing chaos moments signing us that this is changing now, We are being lifted in just these little snafu areas! Where did you have snafu’s this last week? Expect to be lifted there!

Jupiter is here to spiral us up through OUR OWN CLEAR INTENTION. (that is an important part)–it doesn’t work without that. And with that, you may spiral up like a horse leaping in midair, the force of wind and rain, and sun at your back, and all that you need appearing from clarity to manifestation. This is the generosity of the Great Orange Planet, like a Teacher, Wayshower, Bringer of Light, we can “see the light,” and “intend our way through,” mayphoenix-2100458_640your arrows be clear so as to spiral into upliftment away from fear.

The exact time of the FULL MOON is [6:10 am pdt/ 7:10 am mdt/ 8:10 am cdt/ 9:10 am edt] Friday morning. We wake up and the moon is FULL!! What a way to begin a day, and what a day it is! This is a pheonix-like kinda day! This Full Moon is in directed, mutable FIRE. It invites directed creative launches, clear intentions to giant personal visions, and the way being revealed as to how you will go into the manifestation of your visions more fully. We are all being lifted. Each in a unique way. Great Thanks.

kerosene-lamp-1202277_640JUPITER is STATIONARY DIRECT at [7:04 am pdt/ 8:04 am mdt/ 9:04 pm cdt/ 10:04 pm edt] directly offering fuel for changing directions. This change comes from WITHIN US, however the fire of Jupiter’s light is strong,
directed, and uplifted. It wants us to shine, to re-member who we “truly are,” to be generous, direct, clear and filled with whatever we each need to thrive. This is the plight of the energies that animate us, in the universal light we live on–to fill us with inspired individual unique passion.

MARS SEXTILE VENUS [8:41 am pdt/ 9:41 am mdt/ 10:41 am cdt/ 11:41 am edt]equality-2110599_640The two forces of masculine and feminine are in a fabric of harmony. There is a helpful spirit of nourishing each other and providing
support to each other in grounded physical ways. Taurus and Cancer are kind to each other and like to eat together. This is a good time for healing past wounds, and divisions between the sexes.

rock-arch-2005875_640MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [6:19 pm pdt/ 7:19 mdt/ 8:19 cdt/ 9:19 edt] is an evening constriction, and a time that is great for FOCUS. Saturn is hanging in the fiery arrow carrying sign of Sagittarius, inviting pheonix opportunities here and there, however it requires our work, our dedication, and that we “mean it,” from the deepest of places. Saturn likes it deep. Saturn is never “a bad force,” any more than “physical form,” is a bad force. The third
dimensional world has cause and effect and certain physical laws that are the realm of Saturn, and there are many Saturn Secrets for surfing Saturn energy in grace, rather than decay. Saturn invites us to “step in,” to the places where we are responsible. It invites us to “take a stand,” for what we believe in,plums-1649316_640“even against all odds,” however with dedication and commitment. One step at a time, we reach the top of a mountain of intent. One thought at a time, one “give up,” or stepping out at a time, we decay and get sick, or feel overly limited. As we “step in and take responsibility,” abundance and sustenance, support in the third dimension follows.

[11:20 pm pdt/ 12:20 am late night mdt/ 1:20 am late night cdt/ 2:20 am late night edt] offers another kind of “bright light,” added to the “bright light up of our way,” of Jupiter.arrow-984952_640 Uranus invites miracle-making sponteneity, for us to “follow our hunches,” take leaps of faith and expect the lightning to strike in just the right place to open the windows and doors of something that needed change! With the FULL MOON light, there is a lot of tranformational power and this PHEONIX ENERGY!

Happy FULL MOON in the phoenixlovely MOONLIGHT! 

. . . . . . . . .

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May 25, 2017 – NEW MOON in Light-Hearted Gemini – the Death and Rebirth of Love – the Renewal of Fun

ancient-1807518_640This New Moon comes with a leap in maturity, compassion, depth, soulfulness, directive, clarity, and general self-empowerment. The Gemini New Moon is not always so filled with power and rebirth, however today’s comes with VENUS SQUARING PLUTO at [9:19 am pst/ 10:19 am mst/ 11:19 pm pst/ 13:19 pm est]. This aspect invites new life into tired outdated creative aspects of self. It asks us to hit the “Reset button,” on all areas of love, money and how we express ourselves in this world. We are “resetting” ourselves for a higher, clearer sightwhite-tailed-eagle-2015098_640 (1).

The Exact Time of the NEW MOON at 4.47 degrees of Gemini, is [12:44 pm pst/ 1:44 pm mst/ 2:44 pm cst/ 3:44 pm est] this afternoon, ushering in a NEW CYCLE of CREATION. This New Moon comes with new perception, the ability to communicate with light-heartedness, instead of fear, and in general a lot of FRESH AIR! May we lift ourselves out of the struggles, limitations and dark guard over our past energy.

This NEW MOON is a time to be clear about our goals and have an absolutely unwavering focus of intent. Our intention is our power aligned with clarity. May we be clear on a day that calls for this clarity. octagonal-pavilion-1148883_640
Time to breathe deeply this fresh air and new life, into every area of our life, and especially the areas, where Gemini falls in our natal chart.

Its time for new oxygen, new nutrients, and new ideas. Its time to meditate and let go of the old thoughts. Its time to pray and bring in the new light, its time to have gratitude for our bodies made of clay, and bliss that we exist. May we breathe this new life into every cell!oil-in-water-1438382_640

Author’s Note:

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May 17, 2017 – The Death and Rebirth of Love – Heart Break Open Path

MOON is in Aquarius today, trining the New Moon coming up on May 25th.

e-mail-1978974_640The next NEW MOON in Gemini, is joined by a VENUS SQUARE PLUTO, synthesizing and bringing final impact into the retrograde Venus and retrograde Mercury of the last few months. We are finally making final shifts related to all our deep inner work, inner calls, dreams, longings, and love situations.

Our heart has been on quite a “wringing out,” experience lately and we are not nearly finished yet. Our hearts are being alchemized by the universe into softer, more compassionate, open hearts. For better or for worse, this happens through breaking the heart open. Like other muscles that “have small breaks,” when getting stronger, so too does the heart, need to literally “Break Open.” This breaking open is the path of love. Having our hearts “broken open,” while often revered in the Christian movement where Jesus Christ has a broken open heart that is “Christed,” or “Awakened.” So this next nine days, and the New Moon coming, will offer us the opportunity to awaken our hearts.

separation-2057205_640If we are among those who open our hearts, by having them broken, over and over, may this come as a loving embrace on your tender heart. May you know that as it breaks, it opens, as it is hurt, it becomes more soft, more open to divine intelligence, and more able to create miracles.

This VENUS SQUARE PLUTO and this next NEW MOON will ask us the deepest questions of the heart. We may face life and death in an important matter. Ultimately PLUTO is our pure power. It is our ability to be alive, speak, and express ourselves in this world. This self-expression of what is happening with us, is super important at this time. We will need the companionship of our communities to walk through this next nine days and the New Moon (new beginning related to LOVE) and love’s gifts.

May we hold our own hearts, and the hearts of each other in tenderness and love as we walk toward this Heart-Rite-of-Passage!

May LOVE transform each of us in the best way. May we open our hearts to this divine intelligence.

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May 10, 2017 – FULL MOON in Scorpio with Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto

under-water-1819602_640Like any FULL MOON, this FULL MOON offers a Portal of change, . . . in Scorpio there is added power : life, death and rebirth opportunities. With Jupiter in the 12th house of this moon, gifts, abundance and opportunities may seem to “come out of nowhere,” for everyone in need of one.

On the way in to this FULL MOON, on Tuesday, May 9th, and the days prior, there is a burst of new life, new insight, new encounters, and openings. The FULL MOON asks us to follow through with the threads that feel they “get us,” and are true to our spirit, body and soul, . . . .. the rest of the people, threads and links that do not “nourish our authentic soul,” can be dropped.

MOON entered the sign of the FULL MOON (Scorpio) at 10:01 pm pst on Monday night.  > >

under-water-1819583_640In the realm of information–sometimes we are receiving “half-truths,” or offered some of what works for us and some of what does not. It is up to us to decipher, “what is working,” and “what is not,” and refine accordingly. This is a time to give life to what we know we are to give life to now, and pull the strings from all that is to change, die or rebirth.

MERCURY with URANUS has intuition heightened and syncronistic encounters peaking. This energy is for our journey here. May we listen and communicate well. under-water-1819594_640

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, MOON TRINES NEPTUNE (RISING FULL MOON that is)–offering water, abundance and fluidity support. We are emotional, flowing, moving beings who are offered all that we need by universal forces that love us.
These forces can come through people, banks, checks, mail, communication, rain, rivers, digging in the dirt, or many other ways. Be ready to communicate about and RECEIVE what we most need at this time.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO in the afternoon [12:29 pm pdt/ 1:29 pm mdt/ 2:29 pm cdt/3:29 pm edt]  is the last aspect before the FULL MOON, we are supported from realms and from beings from far beyond what we currently think of.flower-670752_1280We are supported by elemental forces, microbial forces, fungal forces, and human forces, to provide us this living co-existent earth–together. This is a FULL MOON of divine to human EMPOWERMENT!

THE EXACT TIME of the FULL MOON today is [2:42 pm pdt/ 3:42 pm mdt/ 4:42 pm cdt/ 5:42 pm edt] This FULLwater-2090476_640MOON at 20 degrees Scorpio, is opposing a Springtime SUN of 20 degrees of Taurus.
Its time to stand for what we stand for, and ROOT down deep from our own personal core–into whatever is our core for us. Its time to spend time with our roots, our core and our own power so we can focus, concentrate, transfigure ourselves and our life’s path according to Divine Will.
We can see deeper than usual. Our soul’s are being reflected to us in different ways. Opportunities are opening.fish-384629_640We must discern with our soulful eyes of heart and sense.

Its time to deepen and fly. deepen and fly.

This FULL MOON has a MARS SQUARE NEPTUNE building, nearby on the out side of the portal: [exact tomorrow/ Thursday at 10:53 am pdt/ 11:53 am mdt/ 12:53 pm cdt/ 1:53 am edt]. This watery action sign is about divine action that may not be comfortable for us. We work psychic muscles, we learn new soul-ful things, we stretch our imagination to incorporate more of life, we become researchers of our own spiritual path.

May we act with our own powerful Divine in communion. eagle-1835384_640

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