October 31, 2012 – Happy Hallowed Weenie!

MOON is still VOID in Taurus all the way from Monday afternoon!  The MOON finally lands in airy Jupiter-touched Gemini, at 11:40 am, pdt. We have the traction, once again to get things done in a way that they are not so “slippery,” changing, wobbling or “in the birth chamber of mystery.”

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE is the “Hallowed Weenie” aspect, at 12:28 pm, pdt. With this SQUARE, we may feel a bit emotional or “spacey” in the face of NEPTUNE SQUARE our personal MOON, however, its ok, we will recover and the tension is for growth. We may be facing a “big ocean of feelings and/or information, and need to “find our way through it,”  or we need to put roots and wings into all the places that are “hallow,” in our economic system and in our personal jedi belief system. We can get through every difficult moment with our faith.

MOON TRINE VENUS AT 8:33 Pm, pdt, in the evening, gives us a dose of light-hearted JO!  We can enjoy ourselves this evening with this loving, divine feminine creative aspect to paint our experience with!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 10:30 pm is a MAGIC WAND aspect. We can ritualize, pray, and think whatever we wish to manifest, and it will.

May we ask for what we need, surf the chaos impending before us and prepare our magic carpet of faith for this portal of Mystery we’re embarking upon together in this time.


November 1, 2012 – Day of the Dead Soulmates, Tilling the New Soul Soil

Today is DAY OF THE DEAD and the first day of the month of November. VENUS is INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 10:21 am, meanwhile VENUS is OPPOSITE URANUS at 3:05 pm, providing the frame for a very powerful clearing ritual on all of our “past relationships,” of any kind. We can fully release all heartbreaks, release all sorrows, all unmet needs by anyone, parents, lovers, husbands, wives. We can let it all go as we allow the thin veils to let souls in and out.

Today we acknowledge the dead, and the living invisible parts of self that need acknowledgment. Sometimes the two are connected. Here is a powerful late afternoon prayer for this Day of Dead Relationships Burial and Celebration.

We can journey through our past relationships in our imagination, feeling all the places where there are pains, sorrows, images of sadness, things that make us feel lonely even when we were with someone. We can allow image by image, moment by moment, these relationship “moments,” in our past, to surface. We can say to them, “Thank you for being a part of the completion of my karma here.” i now complete this karma and heal all wounds related to this relationship, or to (all these past relationships). You can do them one at a time or in groupings of age-periods if that is a helpful way to do it.

At the end of all the releasing. We can add: Great Spirit, God/Goddess, I release and free myself and all others from any any bonds or contracts that are not int he service of our higher selves in our next phase of life, and our loving heart. We release all past agreements, ideas, sorrows, and unmet needs to be consumed by the Great Central Sun of Creation, for composting into NEW LIFE!  So the power of this is manifest fully in my experience! And so it is!

At 6:18 pm, pdt MOON CONUNCTS JUPITER in Gemini, revealing and healing even more light, more truth, and more grace. If we precede this opening with deep release ritual work, we will open up deep grace. This aspect can bring this deep grace.

May we do the grungework that opens grace and may we allow ourselves to be lifted by this grace.

November 2, 2012 – Personal Radical Shift MOMent

We rise this morning with the MOON in the VOID in Gemini, after touching Jupiter, expanding and flying “off course,” from linear traction, we are flying toward a new destination which we may not be able to see fully. We are in a giant MYSTERIOUS BIRTH CANAL. We cannot see what is on the other side, because we are “IN IT.” We are about to birthed through this “birth canal” of sorts, out into the world. Stories, told by our predecessors, tell us of a tiem when we will be in a “cocoon” of sorts, where the world around us may appar to “melt,” and we may feel as if we are entering a “whole new world,” which is a mystery to us, because all we can see is this cocoon, in which we and everything around us is changing from within.

MOON OPPOSES MARS pre-dawn at 2:21 am, pdt then goes into the void, with some charge!  WE must dig into ourselves to overcome inner struggle which causes conflict with others if we allow it to. We can resolve our inner conflicts, so that we resolve our outer conflicts. This can happen through prayers and veils of awareness peeling off over the next days and weeks.

We are in birth pains, even if we don’t know it, our pain is that of transformation, death, transfiguration and predecessing new birth. We are becoming a New Species before and from within our own eyes. What a miracle!

May we enjoy the miracle of time and space on earth, today.


November 3, 2012 – Mother Love Through Big SHift

MOON enters Cancer pre-dawn at 12:43 am, pdt. This Mother Water MOON TRINES the Mother Water Planet, NEPTUNE in Pisces at 1:29 am, kissing us with universal love if we can receive it. MOON TRINE SATURN at 7:43 am, brings us into the morning with a GRAND WATER TRINE. MOON, NEPTUNE and SATURN know how to mother, nurture and love us right through the chaos and changes of this time. We are this mother-force of wisdom and love–for and with each other.

VENUS SQUARE PLUTO at 10:27 am, pdt offers us a LOVE CATHARSIS. If we didn’t do the relationship and “soul mate cleanse,” before, then we can do it today.  This square is another “soulmate cleanse and preparation,” moment. Sometimes things need to be “taken away,” before the right things can be given. This is true of jobs, relationships and all rejections. Sometimes our pain reveals our longing that reveals our authentic future, unfolding, if we can allow the yoni-verse time to respond to our deepest desires and calls. Our deep inner longings, as individuals, for sacred union with our own soul as well as our longing for a soul union with another–is a natural urge and feeling its longing is healthy and part of our journey to its fulfillment.

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 11:20 am, touches our awakening cauldron with Electrical Fire today. We are in the catharsis, in the Eclipse Field, so we need to handle everything with care and extra focus of attention. We need protection, intuition and self-love.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 3:54 pm, pdt is a DEATH. We are preparing for our birth, but first the old must die.

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 4:31 pm offers us a tension, between two feminine energy that can be used for work, evolution, karma clearing, and/or allowing ourselves to see where we are vulnerable. We all places that are calling to be acknowledged, Forgiven and cleaned up so we can “move on.”

This is a day of cleaning, moving and catharsis. May we handle all the grunge with grace and love. May we accept others’ limitations, giving them love and faith in their ability to transform weaknesses into strengths in time.

November 4, 2012 – Mothering and Shining Ourselves into the Mystery

SUN in Scorpio TRINES MOON in Cancer in the middle of the night before this day, then goes into the VOID.

Today we are Mothering and Fathering ourselves into the unknown. We are allied with tad poles, caterpillars, and ugly ducklings, who all change form into Frogs, Butterflies and Swans. Only we know what we need to transform into what we know we are, but have not expressed yet.

May we shine shine shine our light light light into the unknown, with faith and active vision. May we ride the waves of change with intention and clarity amidst an unkown map and territory.