November 23, 2012 – Radical Healing Breakthrough

We arise this day with a lot of wild radical energy coursing through us that was triggered by a SQUARE between MARS and URANUS in the middle of the night at 2:05 am, pdt. MOON CONJUNCTS URANUS at 2:27, joining this SQUARING at 2:27 am, and 2:29 am.

We’re in the awakening cauldron today–stretching and working ourselves with our pressurized world of birth canal. MOON SQUARES PLUTO at 8:47 am, pdt offering us feelings that are deeper than we may be comfortable with, so its good to dive in and go deeper with the thread before us, PLUTO invites us deep into our soul cauldron for more cooking.

MARS SEXTILE CHIRON activates us in a healing way. We are healing our Sacred Masculine through a Soul enhancement. Through soul contact with others, we deepen our own contact with ourselves and our journey here in form. Today there can be deep healing from our contact with each other.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 5:34 pm, pdt offers us grace.  SUN in fiery magical Sagittarius, combined with a MOON SEXTILE JUPITER offers us the kind of good luck that happens when one needs a little miracle, and little miracles are sprinkled upon us.

May we keep remembering to ask for what we need in these magical days of manifestation. Dive into the shifting eclipse fields! We can relish in changes that free us from our old stale selves, inviting us into fresh raw soulful territory.

November 22, 2012 – Beauty in Our Own Way

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE today brings us beauty in our own eyes. We each see different things as beautiful, but today we had the opportunity to feel beautiful all the way through to the inside. NEPTUNE with an Ocean of feeling in a geometric TRINE with our VENUS gifts us with pleasure on this day of gathering.

MOON is VOID all day today, between Pisces and Aries, until entering Aries in the evening at 5:11 pm, pst (pacific standard time). This fire MOON TRINES SUN this evening at 7:37 pm, pdt offering us more beauty between masculine and feminine. We are in a sacred dance of polarities and charged magnets. We are a one-sided magnet and we love to dance with our opposite pole.

May we allow the beauty in deeply. May we drink in smiles and laughter, share bright eyes that twinkle and bring ourselves to gether in the most beautiful ways we can dance!


November 21, 2012 – Sunfire Holy Day Fly Time

We just took two steps into more power today!  We have a transition of SUN to Sagittarius from Scorpio, from Deep Water to High Fire! We go from the depths of watery feeling in our expression, up to the peaks of inspiration, divine adventure and propelling ourselves higher in our growth and evolvement. The holiday season calls forth our smiling faces and supportive words for others, even though it may be the “dark” of winter. The actual transition of SUN into Sagittarius is at 1:50 pm, pst. (Pacific Standard Time).

VENUS enters Scorpio from Libra, going deep water, while the SUN goes from deep water to fire. Our Venus is in a sign of Power now–Scorpio. She is ready to uitilize resources on behalf of life. She is ready to step up in her money-making, and her clarity of focus. She will be unstoppable this month!

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE, however MOON TRINES this backward moving force of communications, this evening at 10:32 pm, gifting us with its reversals and circles. This aspect is the last aspect of the MOON from Pisces, sending hte MOON into the VOID between Pisces and Aries.

SUN SQUARE NEPTUNE at 11:11 pm, pst, offers us a spiritual practice moment. The 90 Degree Square between the planets call us to action or presence. They may ask us to stretch or call us to work or overcome a limitation. With SUN and NEPTUNE, it is spiritually expressive work. It is our inner priest and priestess that is called forward tonight.

May every little shift reveal to us how we are held in a circle of life, and a circle of time, that is supportive of our growth, spiritual expansion and evolvement. We are loved by the universe and can relax into that love. That loving force that holds us, is pressuring us through a kind of birth canal and we can “trust the process,” as long as we listen to our guidance and act on it. May we listen and act. listen and act. listen and act, with love.

November 20, 2012 – Divine Feminine Call to Action

MOON TRINE VENUS this morning is a pact between Crone and Maiden, Mother and Daughter, Feminine and Feminine, to be strong together, through the trials of this time.  This is a field of WINTER ECLIPSES we walk amidst and there are landmines, extremes, unstable rickety foundations, and tricky weather conditions.

MERCURY is still RETROGRADE, and, in keeping, this blog was late because the author left her power-cord somewhere and had to drive to get it before this could go online.

MOON SQUARE SUN this morning at 6:31 am, PST, offering a grunge point, a “stretch point,” and a growth and transition point. We are expanding, and reaching into our talents and abilities if we’re on track. We are called to “show up,” in our own way, and yet we do need to show up.

MOON enters Pisces this morning at 8:55 am, after a place of solid ground, we’re now in water world, where things are sensitive, slippery and uncannily syncronistic, as if we’re near the end of time as we know it.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in Pisces at 9:37 am, PST, is DEEP WATER, that we are in. As we SEXTILE MARS from NEPTUNE and MOON at 2:11 pm, we’re activated on the soul level into action. We have allies, and we have each other and we are called into action. What this action is–is only known by each one inside. The action we are called to is highly spiritually charged and soulful action, showered with NEPTUNE’s blessings if we’re listening.

MOON TRINE SATURN at 7 pm pst gifts us with grounding and a feeling of being at home. This is a gift in these slippery times.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO late tonight at 11:31 pm, pst offers a powerful touch from the force of life itself, reaching into our heart and soul, asking for more and more and more service from us. We are called to what matters to the world and others, we are called to something greater than ourselves. We are asked to draw resources that are beyond us. We can. And we will “do the right thing,” in the coming years.  It is time to do this now, on behalf of all of life on earth. We are called to act on her behalf.

BLessings on this journey of awakening, may it be graceful, loving and profound in all ways.



November 19, 2012 – Sword of Truth

MOON in Aquarius TRINE JUPITER in Gemini in our dreamtime, at 2:47 am, pst gifts us with a light bubbly feeling as we rise.  We may have wings and we can overcome any communications issue that arises with JUPITER’s grace.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY RETROGRADE in the evening at 7:22 pm, pst. We’re in an alchemical cauldron of pressures and our greatest challenge is to communicate clearly. This is not always easy, and yet it is the job of the light warriors and jedi’s these days. Rather than light-sabors we use words.

May our words be skillful today as we reflect on the past, and know that we need to change the patterns we carry into the future. MOON in Aquarius is a mothering force of equality, justice and humanity, guiding us through this tunnel of unknown birthing. May the source of wisdom be with us.